Day 17 of Kindness Month: I Like Your Tattoo

On Saturday my husband and I were in the Sam’s Club Food Court.

The guy at the counter was having a hard time. It was really busy and you could tell he was overwhelmed.

The father and daughter that were ahead of me weren’t very nice to him. He was the only person working the counter and the line wasn’t movng fast.

But he was trying.

After he took their order the father and daughter were walking away and she told her dad it was probably going to take forever to get their food.

The guy behind the counter heard her..

I felt bad for him. It’s not his fault he was the only one behind the counter and I’m sure he didn’t want to be the only one behind the counter.

I wanted to see if I could make him smile so I told him I liked his tattoo.

I got a one second half smile and his eyes lit up.

Mission accomplished.

Businesses are short handed and I don’t think it’s going to get any better soon.

Take a minute and make someone smile or half smile today.

Day 15 of Kindness Month: A Pretty Money Flower

This was on my desk when I came into work yesterday.

Isn’t that cool?

It made my day.

My coworker , Por, gave it to me. She said it was because I checked on her during her vacation to California a couple of weeks ago.

It was a bad vacation. She was going to California for her aunt and uncle’s funeral with her husband. They had a early morning flight from Chicago which was cancelled and they couldn’t fly out til the next day. The airline lost their luggage and they had to buy new clothes in California.


I texted her every day to see how she was doing. I felt horrible for her. To be grieving and then have to put up with the airline crap. It sucked.

Later on in the night she told me I was the only white person that talked to her in the department after she started and she really appreciated that.

She also likes that when I go to Vegas I sometimes bring her stuff back. Por likes the fan blowing on her. She sometimes uses tape to keep the flyaway strands out of her face. So when I was there last time I bought the little girl hair clips with hearts on them. They were cute and kept her hair in place.

Its awesome that I had some appreciation come back to me. I didn’t realize that my little acts if kindness meant that much to her.

But it did and for that I am grateful

Day 13 Of Kindness Month: Xe’s Birthday

It’s my coworkers birthday today.

I don’t know her very well and i rarely talk to her.

For my birthday last April, she bought me a big bag of M&Ms and a six pack of Pepsi Zero in bottles. 

That was very sweet and unexpected.

So today I’m going to kohls to get her a $10 gift card and a card.

She won’t expect a gift and that what makes it special.

Day 9 Of Kindness Month: I Appreciate It

The first thing I noticed today when I set my purse down on the table in my accupuncture room was paper and a pen.


This makes me extremely happy. Ideas for a blog post or my business sometimes come to me when I’m laying on the table and when I’m done with my treatment I’m digging thru my purse trying to find a pen and or paper.

I told, Sarah, my accupuncturist thank you for having and the pens and paper on the table and I told her why.

She hesitated for a.minute and told me that the pen and paper were for her because then she didn’t have to leave the room to find a pen and paper when she needed to write something down.

She told me I was very observant.

I smiled.

I slept most of the the time when I was on the table so I didn’t have any ideas to write down, but I’m sure I will next time.

Day 8 Of Kindness Month: I Tried

I was going to go an estate sale this morning.  At our campground a couple two trailers down from us died of Covid three days apart.

I was going to buy a thing or two to help their kids get rid of their stuff.

I just can’t be nice today.

Joanie, the lady, hasnt been very pleasant o me from day 1.  Yes, I should put that past me.  I should let it go.

But there’s more to it.

I don’t get a good feeling when I think about going there. She wasn’t a positive person. She loved to start trouble among the other campers. She thought she was the boss and everyone should listen to her because she had been there over 20 years.

I don’t know about the negativity in the house. I don’t want that hanging on me. Or her attaching her black spirit to me in some way.

Do I really want anything from her in my house?

Not really. I don’t want it any where it in my house.

So I decided not to go.

I know I should be nice today, but I can’t be.

I tried.