Fall Trees At The Campgroumd

Here are a couple of pics of the trees changing color at the campground.

I was too lazy to get out of my truck. I was too tired after raking leaves and picking up branches. The guys cut down five trees that were on our site, my brother’s site and a neighbor’s site.

Here’s 3 more pics.

I’m feeling better and it was nice to get out in the fresh air and burn some calories.

Kindness Month

I know I still have four days left of kindness month, but I’m not going to finish because I’m sick.

I feel better today but I’ve had this crap for the last week or so.  It feels like a head cold and allergies all in one.

I’m going to take a break for awhile.

I’ll let you know what I have learned when I get back in a week or two

Day 27 of Kindness Month: You Go Girl!

Rumor has it that on Monday a coordinator and his subordinate were fired.


Someone caught them having sex in the janitors closet.

Yes really.

I know it’s not a good thing. It never is a good thing.

But I’m looking at it from this perspective:

Since menopause I lost my desire for sex. My brain no longer talks to my vagina like it used to. I try, but….

For that 50 year old women to have the drive to be that turned to by her new boyfriend that she can’t wait…

I’m jealous.

Now I realize that this is what played out in my brain. It may not be what truly happened.

I can’t tell you the last time I felt like that

Kudos to all of you menopausal women out there who still have the desire to get it on.

Day 30 of Kindness Month: Being Kind To Myself

On the last day of kindness month I am being kind to myself.

I went to acupuncture, shopped a little bit and now I am having lunch in this cute little restaurant I love.

I am also thinking about what I learned about myself and being kind this month.

It’s been a interesting month. I’ve learned a lot.

I’ll share this in a future post.

I can’t belive its almost October!

Day 22 of Kindness Month : A Gentle Scolding

Por, a woman that sits behind me a work, was talking for fourty minutes after break.

A full chair turn away from her desk talking the woman behind her.

After twenty minutes of yelling at her in my head I turned around in my chair and said. “Por. Stop talking and start working please.”

I said it nicely and quietly.

She should know better. She’s been in trouble for talking before. She knows better but still does it anyway.

Sometimes a nice scolding is being kind.

I wouldn’t want to her to lose her job over something could have been avoided.

Day 26 Of Kindness Month: Returning a Shopping Cart

As I was shopping today I realized there were kind things I could do in the store while I was there.

I could return my cart to the inside of the store when I was finished with it.

I could pick up a shirt or an item that was on the floor and put it back where it belonged.

I could ask someone that was struggling if they needed help.

If I saw that something spilled on the floor I could notify an employee.

These may seem like little things but it could save someone from tripping and/or falling or save someone’s vehicle from getting damaged.

And it only takes a minute or two to keep people safe.

How kind is that?

Day 21 of Kindness Month: Keeping My Mouth Shut

At the mini mart this morning there was a heavier guy who couldn’t get automatic door opener to work so he just let the cart roll away and walked to his vehicle.

I yelled to him “Your cart is rolling away.” He made no effort to go get it. I got out my truck and grabbed it before it hit a vehicle that was in the fuel island.

I was very kind and didn’t tell him what I thought of his selfish ass and the fact he was too lazy to open the door by himself.