Fun Friday:  That’s A Big One

These are the prickers we have in our back yard.

Usually they only are a foot wide and an inch tall, but with all of the rain and the high temps they grew big and tall.

Those are some big prickers on those leaves. They hurt!

I thought they were cool because of the flowers on top. I’ve never seen this before. They are over 6 feet tall .

I’m going to wait til it rains this weekend and starting pulling them out. Don’t worry. I’ll be wearing gloves and a long sleeve shirt

It’s not fun but it needs to be done.

I think we have the tallest pickers in the state!

The Days Are Flying By

Aren’t they though?

We are over half way through June.

I’ve been doing a lot of different things.

I have too many books.  I had two 2 foot tall piles cluttering my office that I went through.  Darn garage sales and amazon.  Lol.

I’m still working on my garage sale kindle book.  I haven’t started typing then first draft.  I finally got my laptop out of the box last week.

I’m kinda scared. It means my life is changing and I’m taking another step in the direction of my dreams.

Scary stuff.

I’m slowly working on my business. I still have to redo my flyer and get my consent form ready.

Another fear thing but that is another post.

We’ve been spending weekends at the trailer. It’s nice to be with family and friends and relax.

I just wish time would slow down.

Good Dad Memories

As many of you know I don’t like Father’s day. It is the hardest day of the year for me because I dont get to see my dad. I don’t get to hear him say “Hey Kid” or to see him smile.

I miss him every day

Today I’m sharing three funny stories of my dad. He was quite the character. Funny. A pain in the ass.

I don’t remember what was grade I was in but in grade school I had to take a spelling test.

One of the words I had to spell on the test was tough.

I wrote my answer on the paper.


I was so excited because I knew how to spell it.  I knew it was right. My dad spelled it all of the time. The next day I was mad because the teacher claimed I spelled it wrong.  I argued with her.

I knew I was right.  My dad used to tell us I am tuff and he would pound on his chest.  TUFF.

I didnt get in trouble for arguing with the teacher, but my dad was called into the principals office the next day. He was talked to and encouraged to teach us the right way to spell words

Back then I didn’t think it was funny. 

What I did think was funny was him being called to the principals office.

Over the years it became our joke. He would say it to me and I would smile.

Another funny story….

Over 20 years ago my dad, my mom, my sister and two brothers, my ex roommate and I were at Road America for the Indy Car races.  While a woman sang the National Anthem my dad shouted out  “Will someone shoot the bitch?”

The spectators on the bleachers burst out  laughing and cheering while my family and I tried to hide.  We were so embarassed.

The woman was a terrible singer.  Horrible. Really bad. Leave it to my dad to point that out…..In front of 200 spectators.

My last funny story is how is always used to tell me how he watered my mom’s plants by peeing on the them once in awhile before he went to bed.

I was mortified. How could he do this to my mom’s plants? They always looked healthy so I never said anything to her.

I asked him before he died if he really watered her plants by peeing on them. He smiled and shook his head.

Always a jokester

Everyone loved him. He had a huge heart and would give you the shirt off his back.

And he was funny. Unless you were hearing the same joke for the 100th time…..


I Am Pissed

I noticed our lovely government changed the direction of George Washington’s face on the 2022 quarters.

Here’s a picture.

To me it looks like George doesn’t believe in America and what it stands for anymore so he turned his head.

It’s not right and I don’t like it..

In God We Trust.

When I look at the coin it looks like those words fell out of his mouth.

I can’t believe they changed it.

I am more spiritual than religious but those four words mean a lot to me.

I believe in those four words. I trust those four words.

I may be different than you, but coins are more than just coins to me.  They are history.  They are a reminder that how much the men and women who died protecting our freedom gave up.  they remind me that God is always around and guiding us.   They remind me to have hope and not give up.  To persevere and move forward.

To turn George’s head in the opposite direction is to say that the things I believe in don’t matter.  Freedom doesnt matter.  Hope doesn’t matter. 

This coin is un American and goes against everything I believe in.

I am saddened and hurt by this coin.

I never thought I would get so emotional about a coin, but I am.

Maybe because it’s the direction the country is moving in.

I don’t like it.

What are your thoughts?  Am I over reacting? 

I’m very interested if I’m the only one that feels this way.

Fun Friday: Fun Fact

Do you what my most viewed post is?

My Sock And Panty Drawer.


Is because it has the word panty in it? Or maybe it’s because I tagged it organizing and people wondered how I organized my sock and panty drawer.

Who knows.

In 2021 and 2020 it was my most viewed post. In 2022 its my 10th most viewed post.

A post about me uncluttering and organizing my socks and panties.

I think I have written more interesting posts. Posts that have come from heart and I felt passionately about. Not that I am not passionate about organizing. I am.

You know what I mean.

I just thought I’d share this fun fact with you today.

What us your most viewed post. Do you agree that it should be most viewed post. Why or why not?

Fun Friday:  Letting Go And Getting To Know

I just dropped if 18 shirts and 8 pairs of shorts off at the consignment shop

They don’t fit anymore.

My husband thinks I shouldn’t sell them.  What if you gain the weight back?

I’m not going to.

I’m  going to try like hell not to.

I feel like I had to let go of that part of myself.  The fat part of myself.

I’m not her anymore.  I have grown.  I have changed.

Those clothes no longer represent who I am.

My next mission is to find clothes that show who I am.  A business woman.  An entrepreneur.  A beautiful 57 year old woman.

So today I am letting go of the ugly, fat part of myself go.

Here’s a picture of where I’m writing this post today while I relax and let go before work.

It’s so pretty.

It’s actually a small body of water in back of the Shops at Woodlake in Kohler, WI.

So I let go of my clothes today while I look at the beauty that surrounds me and anticipate the new things that are coming into my life.

I believe good things are coming to me.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. Enjoy!

Diabetes Update

I saw my doctor yesterday for my three month Diabetes checkup.

Great news!

My A1C is 7.1 down from 7.4 and I lost 6 pounds.

Yay me!!!!

I was afraid to go to my appointment because I thought my A1C was going to be higher and I was going to get yelled at.

I’ve been struggling with eating healthy. I’ve been trying but work has been difficult and it’s been hard. That’s another post.

I need to be more mindful of what I eat and plan better. Sometimes easier said than done.

My next check up is in 6 months.

My doctor told me that I’m doing great and I should keep doing what I’m doing.

So what’s what I’m going to do with a few a few minor tweaks.

I’m so happy it went well!

Gratitude Saturday

Today I’m grateful for our trailer.

I’m going to relax today and work on my business and blog posts on the small pub table on our deck.

I’m grateful that I can type this post while laying in bed listening to the freeway traffic.

I’m grateful it’s the weekend.

I’m grateful I don’t have to get up for awhile. I can be lazy.

I am grateful I am breathing.

I Want To Give More

Every year on our anniversary we give boxes of school supplies that we bought on sale or on clearance throughout the year to our church.

We started doing this since our wedding day 12 years ago.

I admit I’ve been slacking since Covid.  I really haven’t donated alot of money or food or health and beauty items to our church or anywhere.

Mainly because Shopko closed. I found a lot of stuff on sale there. Target and Walmart just arent tores putting stuff on clearance like they used to.

I love the find clearance items that are a steal.

Here’s what I found couple of weeks ago at Walmart.  They had a box of pencils on Clearance for  10 cents a box.

How many did I buy?

The above receipt is one of two receipts.  I just want to show the price.

Amazing isn’t?

86 boxes at 12 pencils in each.

1032 pencils.


I’m not going to give them all to my church.  My church partners with the poorest school in the school district so that’s why we try to donate as much as we can; but I know there are other schools out there that need supplies so I will also give to those other schools

I love to find these bargains and share them with people!

I can’t wait to see what I find next!

I Have Unlimited Data!

You’re probably wondering why I’m also excited about this.

Doesn’t everyone have unlimited data?

We did not.

We only had 2 g’s.

Our plan was old and my husband didn’t want to change it because he thought the price would go up.

Until we ran completely out of data….

We went to Best Buy yesterday to buy a new laptop computer (she’s a brute but that is another post) for me so I had my husband check out new plans. We were able to get an unlimited plan for $20 more a month but if we use auto pay then we save $20 a month. So it’s a the same price as our old plan.

Woo hoo!

Isn’t it funny how little things can make you happy?

I’m ecstatic!!!

Having a phone and not being able to use it to look things up is a little frustrating to say the least.

To me it was a lot frustrating because it’s where I type my posts. I am typing this post on my phone right. I love getting an idea and no matter where I am I can start writing a post.

I do have a computer which I type posts on once in awhile, but I like my phone much better.

It’s easier and faster and I can work on posts while I am waiting in line or whatever

This is why I haven’t posted much, but now that I have data I am ready to get back to posting.

Yeah for unlimited data!