Day 2 Money

I wrote about manifesting money from Unleashing Your Inner Money Babe and sharing what Day 1 entailed a couple of weeks ago.

I didnt get to Day 2.

I haven’t been really happy in the last couple of months. First the virus and then the death of George Floyd and the riots and looting and the ten minute breaks at work.

I don’t feel cared for at work. All during this virus stuff, management has been absent. I haven’t seen the Pesident or CEO since the virus started. Management hasn’t asked how we are doing it or if we need anything. Silence. We did get a drum of hand sanitizer seven weeks into the virus. Better late than never.

And the ten minute breaks well….i did lose four pounds. I usually have breakfast at noon and then an apple or celery on my way to work. On my first break I eat granola or half of something I need to heat up and on my 2nd break I finish what I made in the microwave. My last break I eat a banana. It hasn’t been the worst, but I do6nt like it. I miss being able to leave for awhile and clear my head. Rumor has it the 3 ten minute breaks were already decided before we voted.

Maybe some day I will get used to it.

I started over with Day 1 yesterday. I cleaned out my purse and did somethings with my money box.

Day 2 is centered around forgiving people to wronged you.

With all of the talk about freedom of speech and expressing yourself in the last two weeks a lot of stuff has come to the surface for me.

I dont feel my opinion matters at work so I’m kinda angry about that. Ok. So I’m angry. It’s been like this new managment took over about 5 years ago. I can voice my opinion but management’s view is basically if you don’t like it you can get a different job. I feel like I’m being treated like a child.

Which brings me to my childhood. I was the first child of four so I was raised to be an example. I was suppose to be the good one and not make any mistakes.

I’ve been angry lately and this is part of the reason. I wasn’t suppose to have an opinion or show emotion. I wasn’t encouraged to be myself.

It’s been an emotional day. I released a lot of emotion which I am grateful for but it’s so draining.

I took the day off today to be gentle with myself and love myself.

I’ve been writing in my journal off and on today about the times from my childhood that need forgiveness. I’ve cried. I’ve visualized using a baseball to hit a steel pole to get my anger out. I’ve also been laying in the chair and deep breathing to let go of all of the anger and other emotions I’ve been holding onto.

There’s more times I need to forgive than I remembered so this is going to take me longer than a day.

I’m going to end it here and lay in the chair cuddled in a blanket, watch tv and listen to the rain.

I’ll finish Day 2 when I’m ready. Not sure when that will be.

Be The Good

I bought this a couple of months ago at the consingment shop that sells my stuff.

I loved what it says.

With what is going on in the world it’s something I need in my life.

I read it every day.

It helps me to focus on the positive and remember there is good in the world.

Because there is good things happening. We just have to look a little harder to see it right now.


I love these two hanging baskets. Daisies are my favorite. I love the fact that they open during the day and close at night. So cool!

The above two pics are the flowers I bought so far to plant.

They look kind of droopy because it was 85 degrees yesterday and I forgot to water them before I went to work.

I’m going to figure out my planters this weekend and buy the rest of my plants.

I don’t usually buy all my plants in one spot. I shop at about ten different places and buy plants that speak to me. I don’t have a theme or any particular colors I’m looking for, but I noticed I have a thing for purple this year. I wonder what that means.

I’m painting a ladder on Saturday morning with my sister to put plants on in the front yard. The two colors I’m using are blue and yellow. The colors of the university next door.

I’m excited to shop and get things planted and painted.

I’ll post pics when I’m done.

Opinion Please

Starting on Tuesday my unpaid half lunch hour will become non existant and replace by three ten minute breaks.

Normally I would from 2 til 10:30 with two paid 10 minute breaks and an unpaid half hour lunch. Now we get three paid ten minute breaks and work from 2 til 10.

All the employees of my company took a survey. My choice was to keep the unpaid half hour break. My choice lost.

Yes, I am pissed about this. The three 10’s are fine when we are working 8 hours, but when we start working 10 hours it is going to suck.

For 23 years I have had an unpaid lunch. I’ve always had a half hour to relax and eat. If I’m having a bad day I get in my truck and go to McDonalds or Wendy’s and get away for awhile. If I needed to run to Walgreens or Best Buy I could.

Starting Tuesday I can’t do that anymore and I feel like some of my freedom is being taking away.

It sucks.

Since this is new to me I wonder if you have any ideas for what I should make to eat that is healthy. Are your breaks short? What do you eat that is healthy? I’ve been searching Google for suggestions.

I’ve lost about six or seven pounds and I dont want to get in the habit of grabbing crap out of the vending machine and gaining it back.

I guess what really bothers me is that I used my two 10 minute breaks to write notes for my blog or jot down ideas or draw an idea that is my head. I’m bummed because I feel I don’t have time for this anymore.

I know it probably wont be as bad as I think it will be. I just have to give it time and it will work out. It’s new and I just need to give it a chance.

What if I dont want to?

I know I have a rotten attitude right now. I’ve been trying to say positive affirmations for this. I’ll probably be writing a post about this.

I let you know how it works out.

Wish me luck.

QP: My Haircut

Here’s a picture of all of the hair my stylistist cut off today.

I requested she cut a inch and a half off. I have a lot of hair. It is very thick and kinda curly.

I’m writing this post as I sit in the chair waiting for the color to do it’s thing and cover the two inches of grey that grew in during this pandemic.

I feel lighter and very happy.

Have a great day everyone!

Rain Rain Go Away

It’s been raining since 3 am on Sunday and hasn’t stopped.

Over 6.25 inches.

The lake on the top of the picture is really a farm field. The river on the bottom runs across the back yard to the pad for the new shed.


There’s no way the shed can be delivered on Wednesday. The truck and small trailer would sink as soon as it got on the grass.

It’s suppose to rain all night into the late morning tomorrow.

Rain. Rain. Please go away.

A Little Time Off

I decided today that I’m going to take two or three weeks off from writing my Word of the Week.

I will still be posting. Maybe some Quick Posts. Maybe some longer. Who knows.

I need a break.

There is some outside work that I would like to focus on. We are getting a new shed on Wednesday and then I will be at the trailer Memorial Day weekend. I have flowers to plant. A ladder to paint. And a antigravoty chair to sit in.

No, I didn’t start on Day 2 today I was lazy and took a 3 hour nap. I worked my butt off yesterday stacking wood, cutting the grass with my pushower and helping my husband with the pad for the shed.

Last week I decided to call around and getting some quotes on house and truck insurance. Maybe I can save some money by switching. Hopefully I can finish those calls up this week and see where our insurance company stands with the others. It’s on my Finishing the Unfinished list so maybe I’ll be able to cross that off my list.

On Tuesday I get my hair cut and highlighted. I’m so excited. My appointment was on the day Wisconsin shut down (march 24) so I haven’t had a real haircut since then. My sister trimmed my hair for me and I cut my bangs twice. I’m crabby because I feel like I have a mop on my head. I almost trimmed my bangs today but I can wait.

I’m excited about our new shed. The old one was falling apart and needed to be replaced. I can’t wait to have a place for all our rakes and shovels and the other stuff and have it all organized.

I sounds like it’s going to be a great week.

I’m even sleeping in tomorrow morning. Yeah!

Week 19. Money

This is my word for the week.

I’ve always struggled with money. Probably because of a lack of self esteem and feeling like I didn’t t deserve it and whatever else was swimming around in my sunconscious mind.

I’m trying to see money as positive. As a good thing. I want my money to be happy.

You may laugh at the thought of money being happy, I agree. It is a weird thought.

I’ve been reading books about money such as You’re a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero, Unleash Your Inner Money Babe by Kathrin Zenkina and Happy Money (the Japanese art of making peace with your money) by Ken Honda.

I bought Happy Money at a store in the Las Vegas airport last October. It’s very interesting. I’ve only read half of it, but I think the premise of the book is if you’re not happy with yourself and the life you are living you are not going to be happy with your money. This makes sense to me. He talks alot about the flow of money and how negative emotions stop the flow of money and make the money you do have sad.

I’m reading the book slowly and giving myself time to let the ideas in this book sink in. It’s definately a different way of looking and thinking about money than I’m used to. I never thought about having happy money before.

The book I’m reading now is Unleash Your Inner Money Babe: Uplevel your money mindset and manifest $1,000 in 21 days. Dont laugh. I’ve tried this before and I manifested $181 in 21 days. Not even close to the goal, but it showed me that I can manifest money.

In the book you do something to clear stuff out of your head and home each day for 21 days. Day One is to clean out your purse and clean out the spot where you take care of your finances.

So four days ago I emptied everything out of my purse onto the dining room table. I found two dollars and a bunch of receipts. I wiped out the inside of my purse with a damp cloth and put everything back in. This was easy for me because I really don’t have a lot in it. My wallet and check book. Chapstick and dental floss. My trailer keys. Gum. The one thing I wonder why I carry around is all of my room keys from my vacays to Vegas. I even bought a cute little pouch for them.

The 2nd part of Day One is the one that is going to take awhile for me.

I bought this cute Kate Spade nesting box from T.J. Maxx to organize my money stuff in.

And this pouch to.put stuff in. It was on clearance and I like what it says. I’m not sure what I’m going to use it for.

Instead of keeping my money stuff organized, I’ve just been throwing it in the box. I haven’t kept up on entries in my savings account registers or anything for awhile.

Bad Chrissy.

So I took the time and figured it all out. It was a mess. I still had transaction receipts from 2019, a lottery ticket and notes for a blog post in there.

This is all my 2019 receipts and check registers that were in the box.

What a mess.

I feel better now that mess is organized and not sitting in front of my desk in my office.

I will show you how the box is organized.

I think its 95% done. There are a couple of things I need to deal with. For example I have no idea why I have three savings accounts at three different banks. ???

I’m happy tha Day One is complete even though it took me four days.

My drawing today is of a back of a 10 dollar bill. I’ve always wondered why it said IN GOD WE TRUST. I Googled it. It was because of increased religious sentiment during the Civil War. I’m thinking because they believed God would give them what they needed. That God would provide and look over them.

As you can see I have changed the dollar bill a little. I’ve exchanged universe for God. I’m more of a spiritual person than a religious person. I believe in an abundant universe. I believe that God looks over us. I believe in Angels and whoever else helps us on our way. I believe in the flow of money.

Louise Hay wrote the following in one of her books: So once a day, stand with your arms wide open and say with joy I am open and receptive to all good and abundance in the universe.

This always resonated with me. I feel when you open your arms to the universe you open a pathway to universe to give you everything you need.

So on to Day 2. I think I will start Day 2 on Sunday. The exercise will take an hour or two. I was thinking about sharing my daily excercises with you, but can I? Will I be breaking any author rules? I dont want to step on anyone’s toes The book is $1.99 on Amazon for the kindle version if any of you want to join me on my journey.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid or anything by the author to promote her book or what she does or believes. I like what she says so I’m sharing it.

What can I say? I love books!

After accupuncture today, I’m going to see if a small bookstore is open since the stay safe at home was lifted two days ago.

Book shopping therapy. Just what I need today. More books!

QP: People Love To Give Me Money

Wow! I havent done a quick post (QP) in a long time.

People love to give me money.

This is one of the affirmations I repeat throughout the day.

I’ve been reading about manifesting lately. It fascinates me. It’s really interesting and I’ve been learning a lot.

Last week when I was saying the affirmation a picture of a 500 dollar bill under the windshield of my truck popped into my head

The picture I drew above is the 500 dollar bill on my windshield. My drawing skills are another post….

I was disappointed when I found out that they don’t make 500 dollar bills anymore. How was I suppose to manifest something that hardly anyone has?

The vision was so strong that I’m going to keep believing it can happen, put the picture I drew on my vision board and we’ll see what happens.

Two nights ago I dropped some things off by mom and she gave me a envelope with money in it. I think she owed me $27. I told her to forget it, but she gave me money anyway. I opened the envelope when I got home and there was a 50 dollar bill in the envelope.

Not 500, but interesting.

I can’t wait to see what happens.

Baby Steps

I went for acupuncture this morning!!!!

It was the first appointment I had in weeks.

It was so great to see everyone and to have the needles in me.

I feel great.

It wasn’t bad. There were just a few minor changes.

Instead of wash clothes to dry your hands there was regular paper toweling.

Instead of a sheet over me I had to put on a paper gown.

My acupuncturist and her girls wore masks and gloves.

No major changes that really changed anything.

It was great to have a little bit of normal today!

Plus the campground opened today so I’m at my trailer by myself listening took music and relaxing. I left work early because there was hardly any work and it’s my birthday week.

Definately a good day!