Good Morning

Good morning from Las Vegas, my home away from home.

Last night we went to see Penn nd Teller. It was an awesome show.

Today, we are going to see the botanical gardens at the Bellagio Hotel. It is so pretty. There so many beautiful flowers. The theme is Chinese New Year. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I can’t wait!!

I hope you are doing something you love today.

The Purge Continues…

I am a pen and pencil whore. I admit it. I have way too many.

Since dealing with my pens and pencils is the next on the purge list, I have to deal with my overabundance.

I’m going to start with my the pens and pencils in my filing cabinet at work. (In a future post I will deal with all of the pens and pencils in my house)

Honestly, I dont know why I have all of these pens and pencils. It kind of is ridiculous. There are 46 all together. 6 pencils and 40 pens.

The pencils shown are my favorite. Ticonderoga pencils. Black. Neon. Metallic. I don’t care what color or style. I love them all!!! I love the way they feel in my hand. I love the way they look. I love the way they write.

I dont love all of the pens. I love the pens I asked for/stole from the casinos in Vegas. I love the Bic Crystal pens and the regular blue Bic pens. I love the blue Promarx pens. The one black Pentel R.S.V.P and my pink Tul pen. I love the different colors and how smooth they write. The rest I don’t love. They are pens that are given out by the bank. Pens I bought at office max but didn’t like. Pens I bought at the dollar store because I liked the neon green and pink ones.

I love 23 out of 40 pens and all 6 pencils.

I think the reason I have so many is because I love different colored pens and the different colors of ink. I don’t like using the same pens every day. I use different pens and different ink colors every day.

If I’m only keeping what I love, then I have to get rid of the 17 pens. If so, then why does it feel like I’m cutting off my right arm?

When I gathered my pens and pencils to take home it felt like I was quitting my job and cleaning out my desk. I think its because my pens are the most important things in my filing cabinet. I’m not sure how i feel about this.

I love my pens and pencils. I think they help me express who I am.

I’m still trying to figure out why I have so many. I can’t think of anything from my childhood that would cause me to hoard pens.

Maybe it has something to do with my writing. I’ll have to think about this a little and let you know in a future post.

A mini purge completed. Yeah me!

No, I’m not counting the 17 pens in the total 150 items I am purging. That’s too easy.

Lunchroom Drama

My coworker, K, is mad at me because I moved to a different lunch table on Friday.  I moved because I don’t like the guy she invited to sit at our lunch table.  I told her earlier that afternoon that I was moving and why and she said she was ok with it, but that changed after it happened.

I don’t like this male coworker for many reasons.  I’m going to call him A.  A is rude.  He has temper tantrums and throws stuff.  He ignores people when they try to talk to him.  He never smiles.  He isn’t happy.  He and I just don’t get along and I’m ok with that.

The thing you have to understand about K is that she loves people like this.  We call her “the leader of the misfit toys”.  She attracts people no one else likes because she loves to help people.  That’s a wonderful trait to have, but when no one else likes the people you attract and doesn’t want to be around them don’t you see it as a red flag and ask yourself why.  Not K.  She loves to be needed.

Not me.  I don’t want or need that kind of person in my life.  I’ve been fortunate enough not to have to work with him.  In my 22 years at my job I’ve never had to interact with him and I would like to keep it that way.

K thinks I’m being rude and defends him and his behavior.  Her excuses are highlighted.  My responses aren’t.

“He’s just lonely.”  I don’t care.  Doesn’t he get that he’s lonely because he treats people like crap?

“He had a bad childhood.”  He’s 62 years old.  He’s had plenty of time to grow and change.  He’s not changed at all.  He’s still the same asshole as when I started working there.  We get five free counseling sessions a year.  Maybe he should try using them to become a better person.

“Maybe you should try to get along with him”  What?  Why? That’s never going to happen.  That would be a total waste of my time.

“He’s only at our table ten or fifteen minutes”  I don’t care.  In my eyes that is ten or fifteen minutes too long.

I only have a half hour for lunch.  Why would I spend it with someone I don’t like?  My half hour is my time.  I’m off of the clock.  I’m too old to put up with other people’s crap.

Why should I sit with him if he brings nothing to the table.?  I know this is a really harsh way of looking at things, but this is where I am at in life right now.  He doesn’t make me smile.  He doesn’t make me laugh.  I don’t feel I can have an intelligent conversation with him.  He doesn’t make me a better person.  He doesn’t make me feel better.  He’s not a joy to be around.  I don’t enjoy spending time with him.

This is the conclusion I came up with.  Maybe I’m being mean.  Maybe I’m being a bitch.  What’s ten minutes a day?  What it boils down to is I don’t want to be around or have people in my life that don’t bring me joy.  Even if it is for ten minutes a day.  I know in a ten hour day fifteen minutes is a little chunk of time

But is it?  That attitude.  That negativity seeps into your psyche.  It seeps into your soul.  It makes you negative without you even know your negative and why.  I try to protect myself from people like that.

It’s my time.  It’s my lunch hour.  It’s my choice.

And I choose not to sit with him.



100 Items Gone!

Happy New Year everyone!!

I thought the first day of the new year would be the perfect time to update you on my purging progress.  My goal is to get rid of 150 items.  When I started I thought 150 items was a lot to get rid of.  Would I have that much stuff?  Would I make me goal?

I’m so happy to share with you that I have let go of 100 items!!!!

I’m going to list what I have let go of.  You don’t have to read every single item.  I was debating whether I should list every item or not, but you know what?  I’m going to because it’s a big accomplishment.  So here it goes….

2 magazines    TS   (thrift store)                                                                                                          1 Lake Tahoe frig magnet    TS                                                                                                           1 small heart frig magnet        TS                                                                                                      3 pencil erasers                      TS                                                                                                            2 small storage boxes          TS                                                                                                              1 sinus rinse bottle (not used)  TS                                                                                                      5 pictures    CS  (consignment shop)                                                                                                 1 angel wall hanging            CS                                                                                                            3 wall shelves     CS                                                                                                                                 1 handmade quilt                  CS                                                                                                          1 wall mirror       CS                                                                                                                                 3 misc. decorations    CS                                                                                                                         scary hand that moves  SIL (sister-in-law)                                                                                     1 sign                                        SIL                                                                                                            1 animated witch  MP  (market place)                                                                                              2 battery operate ghosts        MP                                                                                                        2 light up pumpkins    SIL                                                                                                                    2 skulls that light up and sing  M                                                                                                        1 flashlight that makes scary sounds  MP                                                                                   1 hanging skeleton  SIL                                                                                                                       4 strands of orange lights   SIL                                                                                                           1 skull tablecloth    TS                                                                                                                         1 cookie tray    TS                                                                                                                                 2 strobe lights   SIL                                                                                                                               1 tree skirt        CS                                                                                                                                 1 plastic snowman       CS                                                                                                                   1 snowman wall decor   CS                                                                                                                 1 Christmas pillow    CS                                                                                                                       1 bear with light    CS                                                                                                                          1 bear christmas stocking holder   CS                                                                                               1 bell wreath   CS                                                                                                                                  1 bed pillow    CS                                                                                                                                    1 wall hanging        CS                                                                                                                           3 adult coloring books   Toys for Tots                                                                                                1 best dad ever sign     CS                                                                                                                    1 Victoria’s Secret sweatshirt    MP

Screw it.   This is taking too long, but you get the idea.

I’m over half way there.  Yeah for meI!  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it be, but it was hard.  Tears were shed.  I was angry at myself for keeping all of this stuff.  I felt overwhelmed at times because I had all of this stuff.  I’m very proud of myself for letting go of this stuff and making room for whatever comes next.

This is a very positive way to start the new year.  I have made $150 from selling my stuff on Market Place and I have made $79.82 at the consignment shop.  Over $200 to put on the new furnace.  Yeah!!  I will have air conditioning this summer!

I know I still have a long way to go.  There are bins to go through in the basement and kitchen cabinets to go through.  I haven’t even started in my office yet.  I won’t even go there for now.

I thank all of my readers for your love and support this past year.  It means more to me than you know.

Let’s kick some ass this year and achieve our goals!!!!

We Put Our Relationship Last

As I went to sleep Tuesday night I remembered what my husband’s anger means. It means we lost each other. We put our relationship last. Errands and other stuff on the chore list came first. We came last.

We weren’t spending quality one on one time with each other. Yes, we were together buying Christmas gifts, moving around the living room, buying a new tree and putting it up, crossing stuff off of the list, etc…..but that’s busy together. Its not what our relationship needed.

What it needed was for us to take it easy. Relax. Enjoy each other’s company. Talk. Not do anything.

We got caught up in the hurriedness of the holiday and forgot about one another. We were too busy worrying about the stuff on our list and getting everything done.

I’m still mad because he’s mad. Even though we haven’t talked about it, I understand why we are where we are at now. I also know what we need to do to get back on track.

I dont feel like doing that work to get back on track right now. I’m going to stew in my anger for awhile yet and think about what needs of mine weren’t getting met and why. I know I was getting pissy because of working so many hours and trying to get the list done among other things. I was getting pissy because I wasn’t able to write like I wanted to. Yes, I shouldn’t have taken my frustration out on him. Yes, I should have told him what was going on inside my head. I know what my part in this was.

I only have to work three 8 hours days this week and then I have four days off. Yeah!

I’m sure well talk about things this weekend. Maybe we’ll even relax. Relax and get back on track.

I Didnt Shop Today

The day after Christmas is my favorite day to shop. Everything you could possibly need for next year is on clearance. Who wouldn’t shop?

My favorites are the gift sets. I would buy perfume, soap, razors and other stuff in gift sets. I wouldn’t have to buy this stuff for a couple of months or more.

I decided not to go a couple of weeks go shopping today. Why? Because I don’t need anything.


I know this might seem kind of weird because who doesn’t want to stock up on stuff when there is a good deal? I know I do but since I’ve been purging I’ve began to learn things about myself.

I’ve learned that I dont need all of this stuff around me. Why should I buy stuff if it’s going to sit around and collect dust? If I know I’m going to use it in the next three months or so maybe, but if not, then no. I dont need it.

I decided that instead of storing boxes and wrapping paper for next year I’m just going to buy it next year. And skip the clutter.

It felt weird not to go today and buy stuff but it felt good. I wasn’t buying stuff I didn’t need or that I would change my mind about later and get rid of.

It’s kind of freeing me and I like that.