Day 30 of Kindness Month: Being Kind To Myself

On the last day of kindness month I am being kind to myself.

I went to acupuncture, shopped a little bit and now I am having lunch in this cute little restaurant I love.

I am also thinking about what I learned about myself and being kind this month.

It’s been a interesting month. I’ve learned a lot.

I’ll share this in a future post.

I can’t belive its almost October!

Day 22 of Kindness Month : A Gentle Scolding

Por, a woman that sits behind me a work, was talking for fourty minutes after break.

A full chair turn away from her desk talking the woman behind her.

After twenty minutes of yelling at her in my head I turned around in my chair and said. “Por. Stop talking and start working please.”

I said it nicely and quietly.

She should know better. She’s been in trouble for talking before. She knows better but still does it anyway.

Sometimes a nice scolding is being kind.

I wouldn’t want to her to lose her job over something could have been avoided.

Day 26 Of Kindness Month: Returning a Shopping Cart

As I was shopping today I realized there were kind things I could do in the store while I was there.

I could return my cart to the inside of the store when I was finished with it.

I could pick up a shirt or an item that was on the floor and put it back where it belonged.

I could ask someone that was struggling if they needed help.

If I saw that something spilled on the floor I could notify an employee.

These may seem like little things but it could save someone from tripping and/or falling or save someone’s vehicle from getting damaged.

And it only takes a minute or two to keep people safe.

How kind is that?

Day 21 of Kindness Month: Keeping My Mouth Shut

At the mini mart this morning there was a heavier guy who couldn’t get automatic door opener to work so he just let the cart roll away and walked to his vehicle.

I yelled to him “Your cart is rolling away.” He made no effort to go get it. I got out my truck and grabbed it before it hit a vehicle that was in the fuel island.

I was very kind and didn’t tell him what I thought of his selfish ass and the fact he was too lazy to open the door by himself.

Day 18 Of Kindness Month: Thank You Geek Squad

My husband and I went to Best Buy on Sunday to pick up his new computer.

The Geek Squad guy was amazing. He very knowledgeable and helped us a lot.

When the survey came a couple of days later I gave him a glowing review.

It ia nice to have people who value their job and are willing to whatever it takes to make you happy.

Day 20 Of Kindness Month: Skipping Today

My mom is in the hospital with Covid.

She’s OK. Just dehydrated. She fainted. So my brother brought to the ER.


She was released on Thursday evening and us doing well.

With my mom being in the hospital I am a little behind.

A lot behind.

I took notes for each day and will finish out the month.

I’m just glad she is ok.

Day 17 of Kindness Month: I Like Your Tattoo

On Saturday my husband and I were in the Sam’s Club Food Court.

The guy at the counter was having a hard time. It was really busy and you could tell he was overwhelmed.

The father and daughter that were ahead of me weren’t very nice to him. He was the only person working the counter and the line wasn’t movng fast.

But he was trying.

After he took their order the father and daughter were walking away and she told her dad it was probably going to take forever to get their food.

The guy behind the counter heard her..

I felt bad for him. It’s not his fault he was the only one behind the counter and I’m sure he didn’t want to be the only one behind the counter.

I wanted to see if I could make him smile so I told him I liked his tattoo.

I got a one second half smile and his eyes lit up.

Mission accomplished.

Businesses are short handed and I don’t think it’s going to get any better soon.

Take a minute and make someone smile or half smile today.