Bye Bye Calendar Pages

I’ve decided to give my calendar pages to a local thrift store.

I don’t look at them.


All they do is just take up room on a shelf in my office.

I know my why of keeping them so it’s time to let them go.

I’m giving them to the thrift store because maybe they can use them in some way or donate them.

It’s feels good to let them go.

Bye bye calendar pages. Bye bye.

Continuing To Read Through The Calendar Pages

As I continue to read through my calendar pages I think about why I’m having a hard time throwing them away.

Last night i realized it’s not the pages I’m holding onto. 

It’s the words on the page.

The positive words on the page.

All of the words I longed to hear as a kid.

I didn’t hear words of encouragement such as I was capable of achieving my goals or I was good enough.

Instead I heard all of the reasons why I couldn’t achieve my dreams. We weren’t rich or I wasn’t pretty enough. I wasn’t good enough or skinny enough.

As I kid I longed to hear the words on the pages.

That I was good enough and that I could achieve my goals if I put my mind to it.

That I was special and unique that I had something special to share with the world.

At 57 I’m learning to tell myself the words I need to hear.

The words are healing me.

I’m not ready to give the pages up, but at least I know why I’m hanging onto them.

I’m good with that.

March Goals

Last night I wrote these goals down on paper when I was at work last night.

Sorry that they aren’t very clear.  They are in pencil.

Don’t worry.  I will be discussing each goal throughout the month as I cross it off the list.

I wanted to get them on paper while they were in my head.

The first thing I need to do is remember I am a business owner too instead of just a factory worker. I’m so used to defining myself as this.

I started another list today of the things I forgot.

I will post this tomorrow.

It’s February Already.

My puppy takes more time than I ever thought he would.

Not that I’m complaining. I love that little guy more than I ever thought possible.

I try to play with him, pet him and love him as much as I can.

I never had a dog before so this whole experience is so new. I’m learning alot about myself and being a dog mom.

But it also means I don’t have time to write all of the blog posts that are dancing around in my head.

Right now I am writing this post as I am getting my oil changed.

Being a dog mom is great! I love it. Even when he wakes me up at 4 am barking because he hears the wind. It happened this morning.

I haven’t been reading blogs either. Everytime I do I have a snout nudging my hand away. I have to admit I love petting him.

I’m going to try to post once a week and figure things out from there.

Hopefully February won’t fly by and I’ll get to write some posts.

Why I Keep The Calendar Pages Part #2

A couple of months ago I shared with you how I couldn’t let go of three years of pages from my You Are A Badass page a day calendars.

As I read through my calendar pages I keep them because I feel inspired.

They make me think. I get ideas. I see opportunities.

I feel powerful and feel I can achieve my dreams.

The pages speak to me.

They make my heart happy.

As I read through the pages I keep what motivates me and let go of the rest.

When I need motivation I can grab the pile and read what speaks to me.

This is why I keep them.

Fun Friday:  Start The Day With Love

This morning I noticed a heart on my bar of soap.

I wondered what would happen if people started their day with love?

Love for themselves.  Their jobs.  The planet.  Strangers.

I know I always don’t.  I sometimes wake up angry or sad or overwhelmed.

I’m getting better at this since we rescued Scooby.  He is full of love all day long.  His tail is always wagging and he’s always willing to give kisses.

He is love. That’s one of the nicknames I call him.


Instead of getting up right away Scooby and I have Mommy Puppy time.  I pet him as he lies on my belly and looks out the window

Its teaching me to relax and not rush to get up. To breathe and just be in the moment. To pet Scooby and give him some extra love.

Isn’t it something when soap reminds you to love more?

My higher power speaks in mysterious ways.