Happy Friday!

Sunday night was our last night in Vegas.  While I was waiting for husband to finish playing a slot machine before we went to our room for thenight I put a $20 on the Can Can machine.  On my first spin I got the bonus round and received 8 free spins.

Twice I was 2 clicks away from winning $8,970.

Twice I grabbed my husband’s leg and said, ‘That would have been so cool!”

“They like to tease you,” he replied.

I don’t agree.

To me, it means possibility.  It’s possible that I could win $8,790.  It’s possible more money can come into my life.

I like possible.

After breakfast the next morning I played The Wizard of  Oz slot machine and landed the bonus twice.  I won $126.35

Three hours later and about ten minutes before we had to leave for the airport I landed the bonus on The Voice slot machine.  I won $112.63.

It figures.  I’m on a hot streak and we have to leave.  Grrrrr.

Last night on the way home I bought a couple of lottery tickets.  A little treat to myself for working 10 hours.

I scratched a $1 packer ticket.  The winning number was eight.  I. Had 5 eights.  Ididnt get too excited. I figured I was going $5.  Maybe $50.

I won $500!!!!!

Yeah me!!!!

Yes, I am lucky but I have been preparing for this. 

How? You ask.

For the last three or four months I have been listening to money and millionaire affirmations on you tube before I go sleep.

A week before we went to Vegas i started repeating this phrase to myself:

People love to give me money.

That week I found pennies and dimes on the ground.  Even a dollar.  I’ve had coupons for a dollar or two off of my next shopping trip print out for me at the register.  I even found a dollar bill on the ground in Vegas.

Nothing major.

Until now.

I can’t wait to see what comes next.

I truly believe that letting go of all of that stuff  (along with the affirmations) has cleared the way for money to come into my life.

I’m saving the money and spending it on something to do with my writing.  I want a new computer.  What I won is almost 1/2 of the cost. 

I’ll let you know what I decide.

I must go and fill out the lottery paperwork to claim my prize.  I’ll send it in and in a week or so I will have my money in hand.


Happy Friday!

My Savings Plan For 2021

I don’t know if I shared my savings plan with you at the beginning of last year.  I saved each week until the pandemic hit and stopped.

I’m going to try again this year.

Here is how it works:

Get 52 envelopes. Mark envelopes 1 – 52.  Each week pick an envelope.  Whatever number is on the envelope is the amount of money that is put into the envelope.

Total saved for the year is $1,378.

I bought cute neon envelopes, but there was only 50 on the box so I had double up on two envelopes.

In the top left corner I wrote Date Pulled so I can write the date I put the money in the envelope.

I bought a cute little box from the consignment shop to put them in.

This is the envelope I picked.

I put the money in the envelope and the envelope in the box.

Hopefully I’ll be able to save the whole year.

I’ll let you know my progress each month.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the money. I’m just grateful that I have a job and am able to start my saving plan.

Yeah me!

Happy New Year!

The view from our window last night
The view this morning

Happy New year from Las Vegas!!

I know I’ve been MIA for awhile but I plan on posting again on the 10th.

We are in Las Vegas til the 4th.

I’m happy and content. Don’t worry. I’m safe. I used more hand sanitizer sanitizer yesterday than I ever have. I’m not in any crowds and we wipe everything down. We brought hand wipes, sanitizer and 2 cans of lysol.

We were not part of the New Years celebration on the strip. We were sleeping by then.

We are having a great time. It’s nice to get away and relax even though the virus looms in the back of my mind.

I can’t wait to start blogging again.

My theme for 2021 is to become a paid author in 2021.

I dont know how, but that is my plan.

The Vegas strip is calling and I must go.

Happy New Year!!!!

Wishing you peace, love, good health and abundance.

NaNoWriMo Update 3

Here’s what I wrote the last 10 days of November.

November 21.  339 words

November 22.   0 words

November 23.   0 words

November 24.   278 words

November 25.   822 words

November 26.   209 words

November 27.   715 words

November 28.    0 words

November 29.    0 words.

November 30.    0 words.

Total words:  2,916

I’m happy with this.  I know with the holiday I wouldn’t be writing a lot, but I wrote more than what I thought I would.

I haven’t been posting because we are working 10 hours a day and 8 on Saturday.

I’ve been laying low.  Sleeping. Taking my vitamins.  Not doing a lot.

I have tomorrow off.  I may post.  I may not.  I may go to Green Bay shopping.  I may not.

I will finish NaNoWriMo hopefully in December.  Maybe January.  I am still working on it.  Not typing a lot but writing scenes to type.

I’ll get there.

Better late than never.

Cleaning The Basement

A couple times this summer we had water in the basement when it rained.  It wasn’t alot of water and it went right into the drain.  The bad thing is that the water left a light brown trail where it flowed.

I was sick of looking at it so I thought I would scrub the floor over the weekend since the furnance guy is coming tomorrow to clean the furnance and I had four days off.  The room the water was coming in was the storage room so I took took everything out of the room.  It wasn’t a lot since I already had the christmas stuff upstairs.

But you know me, I couldn’t just leave it that.  I had to go thru bins.  I went thru a bin that had our wedding stuff in and another that had Fall and Halloween stuff in and a bin with my grade school through junior high stuff in.

Let’s start with the wedding bin.

Heres what I let go of.

My bridal shower bar hopping shirt

We will be using the napkins. I saved a box of napkins.  I also saved two of the church programs and two heart baskets.  We had yellow and white m&ms in the baskets on each table at our reception.  The tshirt in the upper left corner was cut off me at the church before I put my dress on.

Heres what I let go of my halloween and christmas items.

Over 20 items! 

Hold on!  I forgot three bears.

Maybe 25 items!

I’ve spent part of the last four days in the basement cleaning and rearranging. 

I told my husband I was going to rest yesterday. I tried but the basement and living room looked like I war zone.  I bought six new black bins on Friday. The bins we use now are all different colors and sizes. I transferred stuff from the old bins to the black bins On Saturday we bought two storage racks to put the new bins on. I just want it to look neat and organized. I’ll take a pic when the storage racks are up.

I accomplished alot over the past four days.

I’m very happy.

Now if I only had another four days off……

Letting Go Of Christmas Stuff

I’m going through my Christmas stuff this morning.

More stuff I don’t need…..

I decided I’m letting go of items that don’t make me smile. Items that make me ask myself why did I buy that???

I’ve never really had a theme. It was just a hodgepodge of stuff. I never really put any time into it because I work alot of hours during the holidays and Steve is on the road. I put up a tree just to have a tree up.

This year I want to have a theme. I want to look at my decorations and smile.

Last week I bought this cute gnome.

I know he’s not Christmas colors, but he’s so darn cute.

Tomorrow I’m putting a couple items on Marketplace and if they dont sell I’m bringing them to the consignment shop on Tuesday.

I have items that can go to the thrift store.

Ok. I’ve spent enough time on this.

I have 800 words to type today and I have to work.

I’ll let you what I decide to keep and let go.

Have a great day!

NaNoWriMo Update 2

I’m happy with my word count in the last 10 days.

Nov. 11 273 words

Nov. 12 373 words

Nov. 13 598 words

Nov. 14 0

Nov. 15 0

Nov. 16 759 words

Nov. 17 0

Nov. 18 1249 words

Nov. 19 908 words

Nov. 20 554 words.

Total word count: 4714

I didn’t hit my daily goal of 800 words, but it’s ok.

I had to work on Nov. 14th from 2 til 10 and on Nov. 15 I spent the day with my husband.

I’m further along than when I attempted this in 2017. Nack then I only made it til November 13. For those 13 days my word count was 2,913.

I’m doing way better this time around.

I’m proud of myself.

I’m writing a chapter a day. This is why my word count varies every day and sometimes doesn’t hit my goal for the day.

I decided that instead stopping when I hit 800 words and maybe being in the middle of a chapter that I was going to type a chapter a day.

I’m excited to write every day to see how my novel progresses.

I know the road I need to take to finish. I know how my novel ends and I know the road to get there.

Even if it takes me to the middle of December to finish I will write til the 1st draft is done.

I feel I’m in the middle and all of the fun stuff to write is coming up. I’m excited to see what my muse comes up with.

It’s been a cool process.

I can’t believe I’ve written half of the first draft of my novel in 20 days.

I think I’m standing a little taller these days.

My Kitchen Drawers

Going through the kitchen cabinets and drawers is on my Finishing The Unfinshed list.  So I’m taking a break from NaNoWriMo and going thru a drawer.

I’m tired of my dish towel drawer.  It is a mess. I forgot to take a picture before I cleaned it out but I did take a picture of everything in it.

My drawers remind me of a dresser you would have in a bedroom.

I love the fact that they are so big, but they end up being junk collectors.

The picture below is what I’m letting go of. 

The pot holders are stained and have holes in.  They are going in the garbage.  I don’t like the towels so I’m taking them to the consignment shop.  A girl at work makes the dish clothes.  I have 25 of them.  i love them, but I’m getting rid of 6 because they are showing their age.   The cutting board is cracked.  It’s going in the fire pit.  The pot holders I made when I was a kid.  I’m keeping 2.  They are so small that you can’t do anything with them.  The spoon holder doesn’t work for me.  I don’t like it.  I’m taking it to the consignment shop.   The hot pad is stained.  It’s going in the garbage.

I’m letting go of 19 items!

Here’s what the drawer look like now.

I did buy two new potholders.

Don’t worry I am still writing.  I will give you an update on Sunday.  I haven’t been writing  every day like I hoped, but I’m happy with my progress.

Until Saturday…

NaNoWriteMo Update

Here’s my word count for November 1 -10.

November 1 928 words

November 2 811 words

November 3 851 words

November 4 251 words

November 5 1,039 words

November 6 522 words

November 7 940 words

November 8 808 words

November 9 751 words

November 10 0

Total 6,901 words

Word count goal 8,000

I’m short 1,099 words.

I’m happy with this.

I took yesterday off. I have notes all over the place and I wanted to get everything organized.

I will get back on track today.

So far I’ve written 11 chapters. It’s going good.

The only problem I’ve been having is my characters want to tell me what they want to do in upcoming chapters while I’m at work. I try to take notes and write down as much as I can on my breaks, but I need to concentrate on my job. For some reason they don’t understand this concept and keep interrupting.

What a good problem to have!

How Do I Say Goodbye To My Stuff?

I was thinking last week about how to say goodbye to the items I am dropping off at the resale/thrift store.

Should I sing a little diddy, read a poem or say a prayer?

I wasn’t sure.

On the way to the resale shop this morning the answer pcame to me.  I just started talking to my items.  I thanked them for being with me.  For helping me.  For giving me comfort and joy.  For being my crutch.  For helping me stay stuck.

I told them that I didn’t want to be stuck anymore and that is why I was letting them go.

I wished them well on their next journey.  I hope that they all find great homes where people love them and use them and show them off.

I told them I loved them and  goodbye.  Our time is over but it was great while it lasted.

Happy trails my friends.  I let you go.

I know my goodbye may sound silly to you.  You may be thinking: but chrissy one of the items was just a tube of toothpaste.

I agree.  It is small.  To me it’s small, but to a child or someone the hasn’t worked in months and is short on cash it may feel like a Godsend.

We should never underestimate how far giving goes or what effects it has.

It feels good knowing that many people will benefit from my donations.

I’m grateful today that I have the ability to give, that I had the guts to let the items go and even more guts to drop it off at the resale store instead of keeping it and letting my life proceede as normal.

Heres a pic of what I let go of in 30 days.


Quite a lot.

Here’s what I what I’m bringing there.

A box of stuff and a comforter from the trailer. A bag of plastic bags and a bag of paper bags.


Stuff that can clutter someone else’s house instead of mine.

Goodbye stuff.