Gratitude Wednesday

Isn’t this a wonderful view?! I can see the farm field!!! I’m so excited.

Its 39 degrees outside and the birds are chirping.

I have a lot to be grateful for today.

1. Warm weather

2. My mammogram was good. I love to see my breasts on the computer screen. I like how different each one is. Its neat to see how far technology has come.

3. Our property taxes are paid! Two Saturdays ago we received a notice in the mail that our taxes were deliquent. After a week and a half the county found the money and paid the bill and we weren’t charged any late fees because it was their fault. Yeah!

4. Books. There are a ton of great books on writing out there.

5. Libraries. I love to write in them!

6. Reading in bed.

7. Money affirmations. I’ve been listening to them before I go to bed.

8.. Finding pennies from Heaven.

9. Melting snow.

10. Chirping birds.

Oh happy day!

Good Bye Healing Stones

On Sunday I went thru my crystals/healing stones. This has been something I’ve been wanting to do for while but I kept putting it off.

This is why..

What a mess!

When I bought the stones the clerk put the stone in a little plastic bag with a piece of paper telling me what ailments it helped.

It’s too bad I didn’t put the stones back in the bags. 30 stones weren’t in bags. I did research on my tablet but I couldn’t figure out what stone went with each bag/description. I gave up because I didn’t want to put the wrong stone in the wrong bag. Each stone has specific purpose and I didn’t want to have it in my pocket thinking it did one thing when it really did another.

Instead of driving a half hour to find someone to tell me what stones belonged in what bag, I decided to put them on marketplace and sell them.

I’m losing money again but at least the box is organized and I can use the stones that have descriptions fo4.

Big smile. It feels good to know what I have and what works for me and get rid of the rest.

And guess what? While typing this post I set up a time and place to sell them on Saturday morning.

On to the next item to list.

We Are Getting Closer

This is what I woke up this morning.

The fog was so thick I could barely see across the street. It’s been raining for the last two days. The ice and snow are melting but leaving lakes. At least it was in the 40s.

I think we are turning the corner into spring. We are half way through March and its suppose to snow tomorrow morning.

I’m tired and melancholy. These dreary days are getting to me.

Hopefully we will see the sun soon.

I can’t wait to work out in the yard! Hopefully that will happen in the next couple of weeks.

Have a good weekend!

Another 150 Items

I still have too much stuff so I’m letting go of another 150 items.

At my haircut appointment a week ago, I told my hairstylist, Tracy, that I was letting go of another 150 items. We exchange purging stories everytime she cuts my hair. “I’m up for the challenge. I’ll do it with you. 150 items in a month?”

I thought about it for a moment. “75 in a month?”

She nodded.

“I’ll text you in a week to let you know how I’m doing.”

Well it’s been a week and I have let go of 11 items. Not the number I wanted but I have been going through old documents and shreading all that paperwork. It doesn’t count toward my items and it is time consuming but it’s totally worth it.

Slowly but surely I will get there. A lot has opened up for me by since I let go of the 1st 150.

I cant wait to see what opens up next!

I Am Scared Crapless

I just finished the 3rd draft of my pitch to write a guest post for Carol Tice’s Making A Living Writing website. Every so often she allows people to pitch their blog ideas for her website so I thought I would give it a try.

I’m scared shitless.

It’s been a long time since I pitched anything and I am insecure. I’m trying not to let fear hold me back. I’m trying to keep the voices in my head at bay. You know the voices. The voices that question who you are and make you feel like crap. They ask…. Who do you think you are? You know your idea sucks so why are you trying? You call yourself a writer. Yeah right.

The thing is that I thought I would have more time to work my pitch. Last week I was going through my last box of stuff from the move and I found part of my notes for my pitch. I didn’t get to pitch last time because I didn’t have the time to write the pitch to the best of my ability. I put the notes on my desk figuring the new session was coming and I would on it it over the weekend. Well I did work on it over the weekend because the notification for open session came in my inbox last Friday so I have a week to make it amazing.

Since my pitch was just a bunch of notes, I have been writing and rewriting it for the last couple of days. I will edit it one more time tonight and email it tomorrow morning.

And then I will let it go.

I am ready. There’s a couple of things I am working on that I would like to pitch. I’m just afraid to put myself out there, but if I want to be a paid author I have to put myself out there and let people see my writing.

It’s that simple.

I will breathe through my fear today instead of letting it stop me from doing what I love.

I can do this!

Yeah It’s March 1st…Not!

Big sigh. I’ve been waiting for this day all winter and its here and I’m disappointed.

I think the ground hog lied.

I was hoping March 1st would look like this.

Instead it looks like this.

I guess I have a little bit of spring fever today. Well…maybe for the last week or two.

I am so ready to work in the yard. To finish the front porch and to figure out the landscaping. I want to see my grass and water colorful plants. I want to wear shorts and slip flops

I hear my trailer calling and I can’t go.

But at least the sun is shining today.

I’ll take it.

I know summer will come. I just have to be patient.

Not one of my strong points but I’ll try.

Happy March 1st everyone!

30 Degrees And Sun Please

Last night 6 inches of snow fell.

This is not how I expected the end of February to be.

Last night my 20 minute drive took me 40 minutes. The snow was blinding because it was blowing directly into windshield. I was driving without my brights on. I was driving 25 in a 55.

It was terrible.

It’s still snowing this morning. It looks like it will be snowing off and til next week Monday

I would love to 30 degrees and sun.

Maybe April…..