Day 22. Three Week Overview

This is what I am letting go of today.

This morning I went thru the cabinet next to the sink in the kitchen. 

Four sample cough drops I picked up to try at a craft fair a year ago.  As you can see I never tried them.  Trash.  Not sure where the lip stuff came from.  I dont remember it and it’s used.  Trash.  The supplements came from my acupuncturist over a year ago.  I dont take them anymore.  Not many in the bottle.  Trash.  And the Bailey’s was a Christmas gift from my boss.  We dont drink so it’s going to the thrift store.  I’m sure they can use it somewhere.

What I noticed this week is I am happier and more confident.  I find myself dancing for no reason and cranking music in my truck that I really enjoy.  I feel lighter.  Blessed.  Grateful.

That’s very cool.

I’ve been going thru my desk area at work, too.  On Monday they officially ended my old job.  I haven’t done it since January, but I still had stuff that went with my old job and didn’t use at my desk.  Yesterday IT took away the computer I used.  I was sad.  I didn’t get to say goodbye.  I had my old job for 10 years.

I plan on going thru some more stuff today, but I’m wondering what changes that might bring.  I feel the stuff from my old job was a wall of protection for some reason.  Maybe I’m just afraid to let go.  Maybe if I let go good things will come into my life. 

I feel a shift coming at work and that scares me because really like what I am doing and don’t want to change it but I know that job isn’t my calling in life. I want to help people thru my writing.  All my life I have done what other have expected of me work wise and now its time for me to walk my own path.

I’ll keep you updated with what happens at work.

Even though letting go of stuff is hard, I think this is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

Until tomorrow……

Day 21. Who Would Have Thought

Yesterday and today I took everything out of the closet under the stairs so I could clean it out. It was messy and I was sick of looking at it every time I opened the door.

When I started emptying the closet I was thinking of not doing it because I didn’t think there was anything to let go of and then I would have to find three things to let go of.

I was wrong.

Here’s what I’m letting go of today.

I’m letting go of the George Foreman grill. We haven’t used since we moved so it has to go. I love the bag. It’s so pretty but I haven’t used it in six months so it has to go. I think the swifter sweeper wet clothes came with the swiffer i bought over a year ago. I haven’t even touched the package so it has to go. The table cover has to go. I’m never going to use it. I think my mom gave it to me. I love smiley faces but emojis….not so much. I have too many rags and I can’t close the container I have them in so they have to go. I’m counting the five rags as one.

I’m smiling because I have a clean closet and I let go of five things.

Not a bad start to my day.

Until tomorrow…..

Day 20. Silliness

Here’s what I’m letting go of today.

I found two more tea lights in a sandwich baggie in the back of a cabinet. I’m sure I was having them for something, but what I dont know. I rarely use tea lights. The folder with the stretching excercises in it is from when I hurt my shoulder in 2018. I haven’t looked at the excercises since.

The folder was next to the tea lights. Imagine that.

I think I will finish cleaning out that cabinet tomorrow.

Until then…..

Day 19

Today I’m cleaning out the two drawers of my coffee table.

Here’s what I’m letting go of.

I know. Cute stuff right? But if it’s just going to sit in a drawer unused then what’s the sense?

The dragonfly is cute and it has a little card with a saying but it doesn’t fit who I am anymore. The little notebook I bought in Vegas because I thought it was cool and now I dont remember why I thought I was cool. The bag with the face on is cool, but I have other ones I like better. Plus I can’t remember what I was going to put it in. Lol.

I’ve spent a half hour taking everything out of the drawers and wiping them out, going thru what is in the drawers, shredding old coupons and papers and I still have to put stuff back in the drawers.

I’ll probably rearrange things and put them in other places.

What the heck is happening to me???

I’m not worried. It’s all good.

Until tomorrow…..

Day 18 Ask And You Will Receive

This morning I asked my husband if we could look for a shelf to put what is on the bottom shelf of my steel table in the basement so I could have the whole table as my craft/writing area.

Twenty minutes later I have a shelf that my husband had in the garage in the back hall.

Holy crap! He was going to use it in the shed, but he told me to use it in the basement and we’ll get another one for the shed at another time.

Thanks hun.

What amazes me about this whole letting go process is I think about it all of the time! I think about what I’m going to let go of next. I think about how I want to move this here so I can move that there. I think about different storage containers and how I can organize stuff to gain more space.

Ladies and gentlemen this is NOT me. I never thought about stuff like this ever. I bought a container and put stuff in or if there was room in a cabinet I’d stuff something in there. I never thought about function and where something should be placed to be more efficient space and time wise.

I proud to say that this is the person I am becoming and I am very happy about this.

I spent a half hour yesterday on Amazon looking for new canisters to put my flour, sugar, brown sugar in. Plus I went to Kohls and Bed, Bath and Beyond and Walmart to look.

Letting go of stuff is taking up a lot of my time. I haven’t written anything but my blog posts all month.

I’m not complaining. It’s been exhausting, but very good for me. This has been something I’ve needed to do for myself. I have opens spaces in cabinets which leads to open spaces in my life and head.

I have a feeling this is going to continue past October. Probably until I have gone thru every nook and cranny in my house.

This is what I’m letting go of today.

Don’t worry. I still have fifteen more bottles of essential oil in my cabinet and yes I am looking for a cabinet for them. I know they have them at Walmart.

Wow! I’m becoming more organized than I ever have been.

Until tomorrow…..

Day 17. Grateful Saturday

I’m following LA today and telling you what I am grateful for.

What I am the most grateful today or is the ability to give to this family in their time of need.

I can’t imagine what they are going thru right now. My coworker has three younger siblings. 10, 12 and 17.

Too young to lose their mother.

I’m grateful that my family, friends, coworkers and you guys are healthy.

I’m just grateful for everything today.

I’m fortunate in every area and I’m grateful.

Here’s what I’m letting go of today.

I’m writing this on the fly because I had errands to run and I have to work from 2 til 10 pm.

I’m grateful to have a job.

Until tomorrow….

Day 16. I’m Over The Hump

Honestly, I didn’t think I would make it this far.  I thought I would run out of stuff or get frustrated and give up or not have enough time.

I surprised myself.

It’s a good thing.

Here’s what I’m letting go of today:

Last week one of my coworkers, a 21 year male, lost his mother.  She died unexpectedly in her sleep.  Very sad situation.  The family doesnt have a lot of money so we are taking a collection of can goods and personal hygiene at work.  I’m donating the above items to the family today.

A coworker is going to drop off the donated items at their house on Monday.

It is easier to let go of stuff when you know who it’s going to.

Until tomorrow….

Day 15 More Note Paper

I have the above two bins on a shelf on the cabinet below the coffee maker.

I can’t believe that I found more note paper in the bin on the left!  2 big pads and 2 little ones.

I also found 6 rolls of tape.

All I can do is shake my head.

You can guess what I’m letting go of today.

3 pads.  2 rolls of tape.  2 rings for  the table and umbrella we dont have anymore.

8 items and I still have the other bin to go thru. 

Side edit: I wrote this post last night. This morning I asked my husband about the 2 rings and he wants to keep them. This is the first thing I have asked him about. Most of the things I have let go of I knew he wouldnt notice/care.

So 6 items.

Not much in the other bin. Mostly has guy stuff in. 

And 7 phone books.

Yes 7.  1 from 2018.  3 from 2019. 3 from 2020.

I’m keeping 2.  1 would probably do.  Does anyone even look at a phone book anymore? 

I’m not adding them to the total things I’m letting go of. They should have been tossed months ago.

Here’s what the bins look like now.


Another area gone thru.

More items gone.

Letting go of items is mentally exhausting.

Day 14 Two Week Overview Coincidence Or No?

The thing I realized this week is that I have a lot of stuff tucked away for later use that was forgotten about and not used!


What I’m letting go of today is:

We’ve had the VCR on the floor in the living room for a couple of months deciding what we should do with it.  The VCR doesn’t work but the DVD player does.  Over the weekend we decided to take it to Best Buy to be recycled.  The Victoria’s Secret makeup bag I received as a gift and don’t use.  It’s going to the thrift store. I loved the saying on the board when I bought it.  It’s how I live my life every day, but I want something that inspires me and helps me grow.  Something that helps me remember the direction I want to go in when I read it.  I tried to sell it and the makeup bag on Marketplace but neither sold.  Yesterday I took it to the consignment shop.

So far I have let go of 59 items!!!!

I have two good things come into my life/happen to me over the last week

1. Last Thursday the company I work for gave 2nd shift 5 extra vacation days a year. Yes! Money wise that’s over $800 they gave me. Its goes into effect next year. This year we are prorated 1 day. $160 and some change.

2. When I was at the recycling center last Thursday I was hit on by one of the employees who wanted to take me on a Harley ride this past weekend. I can’t tell you the last time I was hit on.

At the campground we are friends with Jerry and his family. Jerry is 74. Steve and I stopped at their campsite to wish them a happy and safe winter. Jerry motioned me over to him. When I bent over he whispered in my ear “Youre a very pretty young lady. He better be on his best behavior.” I smiled and thanked him.

Yesterday I had blood drawn and the nurse told me twice that I didn’t look 55.

Could letting go of those 59 items be making me beautiful, letting my charisma out and bringing good things into my life?

Coincidence or no?

I think so.

I can’t wait to see what other good things are going to come into my life.