The Rules Of My Purge

I’ve been thinking alot about my 150 item purge and what counts and what doesn’t.

Are you wondering what does count?

I think it would be easier if I told you what doesn’t count. What doesn’t count is as follows:

Food. It doesnt matter if it is in the frig, freezer or pantry. It doesnt count.

Magazines. If I moved them from the old house they count. If not, they dont. I have cancelled five subscriptions. I don’t read them anway.

Magazines articles/scraps of paper I moved because I wanted to read them some day. I should have tossed them before I moved. I dont remember why I kept over half of them. Dumb.

My husband’s stuff. Clothes, shoes, or other stuff. His stuff is his stuff. Not mine. Doesn’t count.

Outside stuff. I’m taking some of my flower pots to the consignment shop but I’m not counting them because only inside stuff counts.

Christmas stuff. Cards. Boxes. Tins. Wrapping paper. String. To/from tags.

Cleaning supplies/health and body stuff. Some things were given to me so I’m passing them on.

I think that’s it.

Oh. One more thing.

One pair is 1. Even though there are two shoes or two mittens I’m still counting it as one.

I did well this weekend. I sold one item. Gave the rest of the Halloween stuff — six items — to my sister in law. I’ve put five items on marketplace and have five items ready to take to the consignment shop.

My husband even went through a bin of his stuff. I think he’s joining my cause. Yeah.

Life is good. And lighter.

Things That Make Me Smile

I bought this mug the other day at Pier 1. I love it! It makes me smile. It cost $2.37 on clearance. I love that even more!

What I realized this week as I was going thru my stuff is that i have stuff, but I dont have a lot of stuff I love and makes me smile.

Sad isn’t it?

It is.

I have bought stuff to buy stuff. To have stuff. Mindlessly. Without thinking about it. I just needed stuff.

I was taught to buy practical stuff. Fair priced stuff. Stuff that would last.

I wasn’t taught to listen to my soul and buy what I loved. What spoke to me. What my heart wanted.

I bought what other people expected me to buy. Told me I should buy. Wanted me to buy.

From now on I’m going to buy only stuff I love. Stuff that makes me smile and makes my heart happy.

I can’t wait to wash my mug and use it. I dont drink coffee so i was thinking about using it as a pen holder on my desk in my office.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! Peace and love to you my friends.

A Change In Plan

I’ve decided to take 6 to 8 weeks to reach my goal of letting go of 150 items.

I realize that this isn’t something that is done overnight or in a couple weeks. I need to give myself time to slowly sort thru my stuff instead rushing thru it.

I need time to write in my journal. To feel the feelings associated with each item. To remember the memories. To hold it in my hands.

I need time to think about what I have and why. Why do I have item? What purpose did I think it was goimg to fulfill? Is it time to let it go?

I need to think about what I want going forward. What direction am I going? What direction do I want to go in? What do I need? What do I want?

I am only keeping things I love.

The owner of the consignment shop looked at me funny when I took I dropped off 10 more items yesterday. She commented on how cute the items were. I agree. They are cute, but I dont love them. Therefore, I cant keep them.

I’m hoping you dont get too sick of hearing about my journey into unhoarding. I doubt if that’s a word, but that is my journey.

What I am hoping to get out of this journey is clarity, a sense of direction because I’m not held down by the 150 items and the courage to move forward onto the next chapter of my life.

Next is my Bearfoot Bear Christmas collectables. This is going to tug at my heart.

Let Go

Take a deep breathe.

As you breathe out visualize your breathe coming out of your shoulders.

Feel yourself letting go of anger, hate, self loathing, sadness, jealously, and other negative emotions that you may carry with you.

Let go of the past. Let go of the you you were suppose to be. Let go of expectations. Let go of old rules. Let go of the things that keep you from moving forward.

Let go of anything you need to let go of. You know what you need to let go of. Your body knows. Let go.

Let it go on it’s own way. You don’t need it anymore. You dont need to carry it around with you forever. No one told you you had to keep it.

Let it go. Let it float gently up to the sky knowing it’s ok to let it go. You can watch it if you want. It’s ok.

Now move your attention to breathing in. Breathe in love. Hope. Sunshine. Happiness. New beginnings. Smiles. Courage. Strength.

Let go and make room for fun. New adventures. Something you’ve been longing to do but didn’t give yourself yourself permission to do before. It’s ok to give yourself permission now. It’s ok to go after your dreams. It’s ok because you know you deserve it. Yes you really do.

If you want new in your life you need to let go of the stuff that doesnt work anymore. Fit you anymore. That isn’t what or who you are anymore. Let it go.

It’s ok for you to move forward with whatever you want to move forward with. It’s ok to walk away from the past. You know where you want to go. It’s ok to go there. Now. With whoever you want to go there with. If you don’t want to take anyone you dont have to. Go there alone if you must. But go.

It’s ok to be you. To be who you really are. You’re suppose to be that person. Trust that and let go. You know the way. It’s ok.

Keep breathing.

Keep letting go.

You’ll find your way.

Halloween Stuff

Two days ago I brought the two Halloween bins I had in the basement upstairs and emptied them onto the living room floor.

I know it’s a hodge podge of stuff. Let me explain. Ten years ago my brother, my sister in law and her family and my husband and I used to camp at our local state park Halloween weekend. I had 10 bins of decorations that we used to decorate our campsite and my brothers. We did this for five years and had a blast.

A couple of years ago I went thru my bins and brought it down to two bins. I kept my favorite things. I sold the rest at a garage sale we had.

Now it’s time to downsize again.

There’s a couple of things I’m going to get rid of. The two strobe lights. The skeleton table cloth. The best witches sign and the witch parking sign. The two plug in pumpkins. I can’t see myself using them next year. My husband is gone and I’m usually at work during trick or treat. These items are cheap enough that I can buy them if I decide I need them in the future.

I dont see myself ever using the two light up ghosts that can hang from wherever and are motion sensored and scare people when they walk by. These are going to the consignment shop. The same with battery operated hand with the moving fingers. The orange lights. The two motion sensored skeleton heads. One sings that song — I always feel like someone is watching me. Cute but annoying as hell. The small wooden skeleton. The flashlight that lights up 5 different ways and makes 5 different Halloween noises.

My two favorite items are pictured below.

The witch spirit ball we used at the campground all the time. Everyone loved it and wanted to buy it. It’s so cool. She talks and her head moves. I really hate to get rid of her.

The witch I love the most. Shes so ugly shes cute. When she talks her eyes are red and flash off and on. Its motion activated and scares the crap out of people. I used to hang her up at work. Pissed off some of my coworkers. I’m keeping her.

There were 22 items in the bins and I’m keeping two. My talking witch and the cookie plate.

I’m kinda sad so that I’m getting rid of my Halloween stuff. There are so many good memories attached to them. It’s hard to let them go but I have to. I’m not keeping what I’m not using. I’ve moved on. I dont have small kids. I don’t have any grandchildren. It doesnt make sense to keep something I’m not using when other people could be using it. I want other people to make good memories with them. Hopefully they will use them more than I did

I did buy two things this year to decorate my table with. A orange table runner and a small pumpkin. Next year I want things that suit me and who I am now. Something more adult and pretty. Something that makes me smile and feel good when I look at it.

This is my Halloween collection right now. Out of 22 things I kept 2. Now I have four things I love.

I feel lighter. Emotionally drained but lighter. It has been a hard two days trying to figure out what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of and why, but this stuff is my past and i want to move onto my future.

I’ll drop some of the items off at the consignment store on my way to work today. I’ll take a picture of the rest of the stuff and see if my sister in law wants it for her annual Halloween party. If not it’s going in the garage sale bin.

The next bunch of stuff I’m going through is my Christmas stuff.

Wish me luck!😊

What I Love About Working On Saturday

I had to work yesterday. Mandatory. 11 am to 4 pm.

I’d rather not work on Saturday. I’d rather be at home with my husband puttering around the house and yard but since its mandatory I had to be there..

On any given day my job consists of sorting and passing out orders, helping whoever needs help that day, putting wire away, dealing with backorders and whatever else comes up. Walking, walking and more walking.

What I love about working on Saturday is is that I dont get to do my regular job. I don’t have to talk to anyone. Help anyone. Pass out orders. Put anything away except the parts that I used. I dont have to walk.

I don’t have to deal with the day to day crap.

These five hours are bliss. I work by myself in silence. There is no one around me. I absolutely love it.

The extra money isn’t bad either.

I’m trying to look at the positive in every situation instead of focusing on the negative.

It’s not easy sometimes but I’m trying.