Day 8 Of Kindness Month: I Tried

I was going to go an estate sale this morning.  At our campground a couple two trailers down from us died of Covid three days apart.

I was going to buy a thing or two to help their kids get rid of their stuff.

I just can’t be nice today.

Joanie, the lady, hasnt been very pleasant o me from day 1.  Yes, I should put that past me.  I should let it go.

But there’s more to it.

I don’t get a good feeling when I think about going there. She wasn’t a positive person. She loved to start trouble among the other campers. She thought she was the boss and everyone should listen to her because she had been there over 20 years.

I don’t know about the negativity in the house. I don’t want that hanging on me. Or her attaching her black spirit to me in some way.

Do I really want anything from her in my house?

Not really. I don’t want it any where it in my house.

So I decided not to go.

I know I should be nice today, but I can’t be.

I tried.

Day 7 Of Kindess Month: You Look Good Today

I work with a woman name Kua. She’s on the heavier side and always wears a black hoodie, a tshirt and leggings.

Yesterday she was wearing a pea green long sweater that buttoned in front and went down to her knees.

It was the first time that I had ever seen her wear something nice.

She looked good.

I saw her later and she had a cute black purse over her shoulder.

I told her she looked good today and that I like her purse.

Her face lit up.

It made my heart happy to see that.

What if every person took a minute or two out of their day every day to make someone feel good?

What would the world be like?

Day 6 of Kindness Month:  How I Am Tracking My Kindness

I bought a paperback journal to document each day of kindness.

I thought it would be fun to do write down my thoughts and feelings during this journey. 

I like how the pages are set up.

It gives me lots of room to record my thoughts.

It’s available on Amazon if anyone is interested.

Not sure what my act of kindness will be today. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Or I will have another post today.

I’m not sure.

Day 5 Of Kindness Month: Tooth Fairy

Last Thursday, Chelsea, our five year old camping friend, lost her first tooth.

This morning I told my husband I wanted to get her something special.

“Too late,” he told Mr. “I already gave her 10 bucks.”

Even though I didn’t do anything I’m still counting it. The thought was there even if my husband beat me to it.

I’ll have to wait for the next tooth.

Day 4 Of Kindness Month: A Tip

Last night for supper we ate at my brother in law and sister in law’s campsite.

For a joke my sister in law and her sister in law had a tip jar by the food.

Even though we brought cake and ice cream, taco dip and chips to celebrate our anniversary,I still put $5 in the tip jar.

I’m happy they invited us over to eat and to their bonfire.

It was a nice night.

Day Of Kindness Month: Garage Sale Giving

At the garage sale today I didn’t charge a lady for the socks she bought.

A gentleman bought 16 cassettes so I gave him the case they were in for free.

A lady bought a bunch of my stuff so I gave her an item for free.

My goal for the garage sale wasn’t to make a lot of money, but to spend time with my mom and brother.

So giving free items to customers was fun!

22 More Items Gone

My mom is having another garage sale today. My aunt had so much craft stuff. We are still trying to sell it.

My husband and I went through the kitchen two weekends ago. The cupboards were full and we didn’t use half of it.

This is what I am letting go of and bringing to the sale today.

22 items.

43 items to go to get to my goal of 100.

I hope we sell a bunch of stuff today.

Fingers crossed.

Day 1 Of Kindness Month: Sara

While I was in Vegas I bought this key chain for a coworker.

I’m really scared to give this to her.

What if she doesn’t like?

What if she laughs?

What if she talks shit about it tomorrow?

But on the flip side….

What if she loves it?

What if it makes her really happy?

I’m still scared.

I think this kindness adventure is going to bring up a lot of emotion for me but it will be fun.

It’s probably going to push me out my comfort zone.

That scares me, too.

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.