My Sock and Panty Drawer

I’ve been avoiding my sock and panty drawer. I open it, get what I need and close it.


It’s a mess.

As you can see it’s not really organized. I have underwear that are yucky and need to be thrown away. Socks that don’t have a match or have holes in the toe or are old.

I don’t feel joy when I open the drawer.

So this past weekend I washed the new underwear and socks I bought. I threw away six panties and three pairs of socks. I didnt take a picture of the panties – you dont really want to see my panties. But I did take a picture of the socks.

The green/white socks I held onto because they were lucky. Both times when the mother of my step children took my husband to court for more money her motioned was denied. I held on to these socks for eight years, but since child support ended over two and a half years ago I think I can safely let them go. The other two pairs were old and stretched out.

A couple of weeks ago I gave three pairs of socks to my sister that I didnt like and a couple of panties I got for free but didn’t wear them to a group home.

I’ve been working on it slowly but surely.

This us what my drawer looks like now.

I feel joy when I open the drawer and I don’t have to dig to get what I need. I have socks and panties that I love! There isnt any little elastic threads hanging from my panties and i have socks that fit without any holes in! It makes me feel abundant and lucky.


There is one thong panty picture I’m going to share with you. There’s no way and I mean No Way I could fit into the thong anymore nor would I want to. I cant believe I ever wore it at all.

I met my husband at a bar called the Blue Phoenix. His best friend’s brother and his wife owned the bar. One night no one believed I was wearing a thong so I went in the bathroom and took it off to show them. Kevin, the owner, signed and hung my panties from the ceiling. From then on he called me Kitty Kat and my husband Kat Scratch Fever.

I’m keeping the panties because of the happy memories. We spent a lot of weekends in the bar (my husband bounced and played bartender) and we had a ton of fun. Great times.

Memories. Smiles. Laughter. Love

Another area in my house that I feel great about it is the basement. Two weekends ago I spent a couple of hours down there and organized it. It has been my dumping ground since before christmas and it was driving me crazy.

I took some stuff to the consignment shop and some stuff to the thrift store and cardboard to the dump.

I feel so much better going down there. It looks so much better. I even bought a little cabinet for next to the dryer to put stuff in.

Isnt it cute? I bought it at the consignment shop for $40. Now I have some place to put my dryer sheets.

One more thing I’ve been putting off is replacing the key fob I lost last april. I think I accidentally threw it away. Whoops! I didnt want to spend the money, but If I lost the fob I had I would be screwed. Plus I was sick of worrying about losing my fob.

So this past Tuesday I broke down and bought a new one. Now I have two. No more worries.

The basement was the only item I could partially cross off the unfinished listed and since it’s not completely done I can’t cross it off completely. I still have a couple of things I need to do. Oh well, it’s a start.

All in all I’m happy with my progress.

My mom’s surgery to remove the cancer in her lung is Monday at 2 pm. They are removing the bottom lobe of her right lung. I’m not too worried. She’s one strong lady. And stubborn.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have a great weekend!


My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer on New Years Eve day.

I wasn’t going to write about this.

I didnt want to write about this.

I wanted my word for the week to be smile or happy. Something to divert my attention from what was going on and put me in a different mindset, but hope kept popping into my head.

The last three weeks have doctors appointments, a MRI, a cat scan and visits to oncology. A very scary, emotional, and exhausting three weeks.

This isnt her first bour with cancer. It’s her 2nd. Ten years ago she had breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy. No chemo or radiation needed. She was lucky. From diagnosis to surgery was a week.

This isnt so quick.

Yesterday we went to see the surgeon. Surgery is probably going g to be on the 3rd. He gave us hope. He thinks if they remove the 3rd lower lobe of her lung it will remove all of the cancer. No talk if chemo or radiation after surgery.

I hope he is right

I hope when they remove the lymph nodes around the area they will be cancer free.

I hope she lives many many years.

I hope the cancer doesn’t come back.

I hope her surgery goes well and she has a speedy recovery

I hope.

I hope.

I hope.

To everyone battling something whether it’s depression or cancer or the loss of a loved one or even a bad day I wish you hope today.

Hope that everything works out the way you want it to.

Hope the light and love begin to heal what may need to be healed.

Hope that you are gentle and loving with yourself today and everyday.

Hope that you know how strong and beautiful you are inside and out. You can get through this. It may not be easy but you can do it.

Hope that you have a wonderful day today.

This piece turned out better than what I thought. I’m proud of myself. I’m expressing my creativity and loving it. I’m seeing more of myself come to the surface

Have hope today.

I do.

This Is A Test

This is a test post to see if you guys can leave comments.

I checked and my leave comments button was on so hopefully it works.

For some reason it was off. I dont know hownor why. I didnt turn it off. Strange things happen.

If not, I will try again because I love it when you guys comment!

Remember this is only a test.


Less is more.

I never really understood what this meant until I started getting rid of stuff.

When I was younger I wanted stuff. I collected stuff. I had a lot of stuff.

Until I wanted to get rid of stuff. I can’t remember when this happened. Its like a light bulb went on and I realized I had too much stuff.

And then I wanted less stuff.

Less is my word for this week.

I know this isnt a very good picture. I have a lot to learn. I used metallic colored pencils which I love but they don’t photograph well. It didnt help that is wasn’t very sunny so I ended up taking the picture on my end table with the light on. I was in a hurry and didn’t look at the picture to make sure it was what I wanted.

It wasn’t.

I decided that I was going to post it any way because I am learning as I go. It might be a rocky road for awhile. It might not always be pretty but I am happy because I’m putting myself out there and exploring my creativity.

That is what I wanted.

I know less isn’t a word on my 54 word list. Why would it be? I normally wouldn’t consider less a positive word.

To me less means taking something away. Having less of something isnt really a good thing. Like having less money or food.

Until I realized having less stuff is good.

Less is more.

More time. More energy. More space. More freedom.

I do believe I have more time. I’m no longer looking for things because I they are stacked in piles throughout my house. I know where I put stuff. A place for everything and everything in its place. Ahhhh.

I feel I have more energy. I was listening to a podcast last week that said everything has energy. Even the lost sock under your bed. The less things you have, the less things you have sucking your energy because as e of the clutter and the more energy you have.

I definately feel I have more space. It’s amazing to look in a cabinet that is organized and I have everything I need at my finger tips. It makes me smile. I am so happy I took the time to do this. Its neat. Nothing is crammed into corners. Nothing is not used. Open space is good.

I have more freedom. I know this may sound weird but I do feel more freedom because I have more space I have the freedom to buy what I want to fit that space if I so choose. A better organizer or more product I found on sale or something that caught my fancy. I don’t have a bunch of stuff that I might use later taking up my space. Either I’m using it or I am not and if I’m not then it has to go. It feels good to have the freedom to buy what I want and need and have the perfect place to put it.

Honestly, I didnt want to let go of half of the things that I let go of. I had a lot invested in that stuff. Time. Money. Energy. But I am glad I did. It was a good decision. I feel better. I’m stronger. My mind is clearer. It cleared a path for me and showed me parts of myself that was buried under all of that stuff.

Less is definately a positive word.

Less is definately more.

Finishing The Unfinished

This is my mantra for 2020.

Finishing the unfinished.

Since I somewhat decluttered my house last year, I feel this year should about getting stuff that is swimming around in my head finished. Unfinished projects. Unfinished writing. Unfinished chores.

I have 36 things on my list so far and I’m sure I’ll add more throughout the year. The list includes: dealing with certain financial items, going through my bin of blog writings and ideas, figuring out what color to paint the living room and dealing with my feet issues among other things.

I have been putting this stuff off due to a lack of time or not knowing where to start or just plain laziness.

My first project was to clean out the two drawers in my coffee table. I’ve been throwing stuff in these drawers for the last couple of months that I didn’t have time to deal with. In the drawers I found two old journals and a new one I recently started. Greeting cards. Pens and pencils. Notepads. Money! Old bank receipts. Store receipts. Two books. Lottery tickets. Stamps. Outdated coupons.

A whole lotta junk!

I dont have a before pic bit here’s the after pic.

I’m not sure if this is the stuff I want in the drawers but for now it’s ok. I think I might want to store other things in them. I’m not sure, but at least they are clean and organized.

One thing that I do know is that it felt good to get rid of all of the old crap.

I can cross one thing off of my list.


My list of projects has been taking up space in my head for weeks, months and even years. It’s stagnant and needs to be dealt with.

I can see the postive changes in my life from letting stuff go. I hope dealing with my unfinished projects brings more postive changes and clarity.

I’m ready.


One thing I want to do in 2020 is learn how to draw. Maybe a more accurate term would be to be more creative. To get what is in my head on paper. No matter how good or bad it looks.


This is what has been holding me back all these years. I want what I draw or create to be perfect. I want it look exactly like it does in my head when it gets on paper.

Impossible. Unrealistic. Stupid.

I need to be more patient, encouraging and loving with artistic self. My drawing is going to take time. Time to take shape. Time to develop. Time to get better.

Today, I’m sharing with you my first drawing. My first piece of artwork and I’m already down on myself because I dont want to know what to define it.

To me art is flowers or a building or paint splattered on paper.

Mine is definately not is that.

I’m beating myself up because I dont think what I m doing is art.

Silly isn’t it? I’m blocking my own way before I even start.

I need to be gentle with myself. My creativity isnt like anyone else’s. Its mine. It’s going to be unique. One of a kind. It’s going to have flaws. It wont be perfect.

Just like me. I’m unique. I have flaws. And I’m sure not perfect.

Here is my creative piece for this week.


I know. This shows you how much of a beginner I really am.

This is my starting point.

Every week of this year I will have a word. A positive, uplifting word that will be my focus for the week.

This is the reason why the word for the Week 1 is begin.

I chose the word begin because it’s a new year. If I want to learn how to be more creative I have to begin somewhere. So why not now!

What I want to do is begin to get what is in my head out. To experiment. Try new things. Using whatever strikes my fancy. Today I used Crayola colored pencils, Scribble Stuff Flourscent gel pens, a Advantus ruler and stencils from Yoobi.

I came up with the road theme (I hope you could tell it was a road) from one of the girls at work saying “the word on the street is”. Since I live in the country I took it one step further and called it:

Word From a Country Road

I already have an idea for what next week’s road is going to look like even though I have no clue what word I’m going to choose. I ordered metallic and neon colored pencils from Amazon today! There’s a lot of ideas swimming around my head that I can’t wait to explore.

I dont know if this post even makes sense. I took a chance today and began something I’ve been wanting to do for months.



To begin instead of dreaming about it. It felt good to be creative today. To let the ideas flow and explore them. To be me. Imperfect. Flawed. Not sure how to do it.

I have no idea where this us going to go. If anywhere. Theme wise. Word wise. If it fizzes out fizzes out.

I began.

I took action.

I tried.

I’m proud of myself.

What a great way to start the new year!

Happy New Year

A new year.

A new decade.

A new start.

A new perspective.

A new direction.

We have 366 days.

366 mornings

366 afternoons

366 evenings

To start something new or continue to move forward to make your dreams come true.

8,760 hours

525,000 minutes

31, 536,000 seconds

I know the direction I need to go in. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I want to do and what my goals are.

I’m ready!

Welcome 2020. I can’t wait to see what you bring.