Day 12 Of Kindness Month: Being Patient

My mom, my cousin Crystal, my Aunt Rae and I went out for lunch.

My Aunt Rae has dementia. It’s just starting but it’s scary. She hears one word and says a sentence that has nothing to do with what we are talking about.

I tried to be extra patient with her and talk about when her daughter and I were kids.

It was hard. She’s a stubborn woman and she gets mad if you don’t see it her way. How she remembers it.

These lunches are often hard, but I show up. It’s not my aunts fault.

This time it was a good lunch.

Sad but good.

Day 7 Of Kindess Month: You Look Good Today

I work with a woman name Kua. She’s on the heavier side and always wears a black hoodie, a tshirt and leggings.

Yesterday she was wearing a pea green long sweater that buttoned in front and went down to her knees.

It was the first time that I had ever seen her wear something nice.

She looked good.

I saw her later and she had a cute black purse over her shoulder.

I told her she looked good today and that I like her purse.

Her face lit up.

It made my heart happy to see that.

What if every person took a minute or two out of their day every day to make someone feel good?

What would the world be like?