Day 15 of Kindness Month: A Pretty Money Flower

This was on my desk when I came into work yesterday.

Isn’t that cool?

It made my day.

My coworker , Por, gave it to me. She said it was because I checked on her during her vacation to California a couple of weeks ago.

It was a bad vacation. She was going to California for her aunt and uncle’s funeral with her husband. They had a early morning flight from Chicago which was cancelled and they couldn’t fly out til the next day. The airline lost their luggage and they had to buy new clothes in California.


I texted her every day to see how she was doing. I felt horrible for her. To be grieving and then have to put up with the airline crap. It sucked.

Later on in the night she told me I was the only white person that talked to her in the department after she started and she really appreciated that.

She also likes that when I go to Vegas I sometimes bring her stuff back. Por likes the fan blowing on her. She sometimes uses tape to keep the flyaway strands out of her face. So when I was there last time I bought the little girl hair clips with hearts on them. They were cute and kept her hair in place.

Its awesome that I had some appreciation come back to me. I didn’t realize that my little acts if kindness meant that much to her.

But it did and for that I am grateful

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