Day 30 of Kindness Month: Being Kind To Myself

On the last day of kindness month I am being kind to myself.

I went to acupuncture, shopped a little bit and now I am having lunch in this cute little restaurant I love.

I am also thinking about what I learned about myself and being kind this month.

It’s been a interesting month. I’ve learned a lot.

I’ll share this in a future post.

I can’t belive its almost October!

5 thoughts on “Day 30 of Kindness Month: Being Kind To Myself”

  1. That acupuncture sounds wonderful. I have to return in November during my Thanksgiving break. Right now I have been bending and bagging debris from the trees, palm fronds and garden. My body and hips hurt but I feel fantastic, mostly. Work again on for Monday as we are open in the Tampa Bay area.

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