Day 6 of Kindness Month:  How I Am Tracking My Kindness

I bought a paperback journal to document each day of kindness.

I thought it would be fun to do write down my thoughts and feelings during this journey. 

I like how the pages are set up.

It gives me lots of room to record my thoughts.

It’s available on Amazon if anyone is interested.

Not sure what my act of kindness will be today. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Or I will have another post today.

I’m not sure.

Day 4 Of Kindness Month: A Tip

Last night for supper we ate at my brother in law and sister in law’s campsite.

For a joke my sister in law and her sister in law had a tip jar by the food.

Even though we brought cake and ice cream, taco dip and chips to celebrate our anniversary,I still put $5 in the tip jar.

I’m happy they invited us over to eat and to their bonfire.

It was a nice night.

Day 1 Of Kindness Month: Sara

While I was in Vegas I bought this key chain for a coworker.

I’m really scared to give this to her.

What if she doesn’t like?

What if she laughs?

What if she talks shit about it tomorrow?

But on the flip side….

What if she loves it?

What if it makes her really happy?

I’m still scared.

I think this kindness adventure is going to bring up a lot of emotion for me but it will be fun.

It’s probably going to push me out my comfort zone.

That scares me, too.

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.