Day 8 Of Kindness Month: I Tried

I was going to go an estate sale this morning.  At our campground a couple two trailers down from us died of Covid three days apart.

I was going to buy a thing or two to help their kids get rid of their stuff.

I just can’t be nice today.

Joanie, the lady, hasnt been very pleasant o me from day 1.  Yes, I should put that past me.  I should let it go.

But there’s more to it.

I don’t get a good feeling when I think about going there. She wasn’t a positive person. She loved to start trouble among the other campers. She thought she was the boss and everyone should listen to her because she had been there over 20 years.

I don’t know about the negativity in the house. I don’t want that hanging on me. Or her attaching her black spirit to me in some way.

Do I really want anything from her in my house?

Not really. I don’t want it any where it in my house.

So I decided not to go.

I know I should be nice today, but I can’t be.

I tried.

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