Day 9 Of Kindness Month: I Appreciate It

The first thing I noticed today when I set my purse down on the table in my accupuncture room was paper and a pen.


This makes me extremely happy. Ideas for a blog post or my business sometimes come to me when I’m laying on the table and when I’m done with my treatment I’m digging thru my purse trying to find a pen and or paper.

I told, Sarah, my accupuncturist thank you for having and the pens and paper on the table and I told her why.

She hesitated for a.minute and told me that the pen and paper were for her because then she didn’t have to leave the room to find a pen and paper when she needed to write something down.

She told me I was very observant.

I smiled.

I slept most of the the time when I was on the table so I didn’t have any ideas to write down, but I’m sure I will next time.

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