Day 8

What I’ve been doing every morning is opening up a drawer or a cabinet door and picking out my items to let go of.

Today it was the linen closet.

Here are my five items. I realize I can go down to three items today, but I’m doing five today.

The hair spray is almost empty so I’m throwing it in the garbage. I can’t remember the last time I used it. The little can of hair spray I take to Vegas. I dont use hairspray at all anymore so it has to go. Same with the can of mousse. The small tube of toothpaste is a freebie from the dentist. I don’t like it. The small black container is a sample of body scrub I received as a free sample over a year ago from the Lush store in Vegas. Never even tried it. Dont plan on trying it. Bye. Bye.

No anxiety today letting go of these items.

The thrift store I donate my items to donates the money they raise to a local hospice in the area. This makes my heart happy.

Until tomorrow…..

Day 7 Week 1 Overview

I have to admit the deeper I get into letting go of stuff the more anxiety I have.

28 items.

My mind keeps thinking…..

Why am I doing this?

What am I doing?

Am I doing the right thing?

What the hell am I doing? 

100 items? Really?

Will I be able to tell a difference in my house once these items are gone?

The biggest question I have is what will I do if I need something that I brought to the thrift store or sold?

This question scares the crap out of me even though I probably haven’t touched any of those items in over a year.  For some reason these items are comfort.  They are a part of me and my house.  A part of me wants that wants to hang on and let everything stay the same

My head sometimes screams Who cares if the items are collecting dust and we don’t use them.  We should still keep them.  You’re freaking me out.  What are we doing to do with the empty space?

I didn’t realize doing this would bring up so much fear and anxiety.

But on the flip side I can feel myself letting go.  Kinda relaxing. 

It feels like that little imaginary string that holds my life together is starting to unravel. 

Maybe it’s time to let go and see what happens.

Last night at work I felt myself deep breathing a lot.  I kept reminding myself off and on to just let go.  Let it all go.  It’s ok.  Just let it go.

I hope letting go is making room in my life for me to grow and change and bring more of me out into the light.

Stuff is/was clogging my life.  If my life is clogged no new can come in.

If I want the new to come in, I have to let go of the old.  Let go and breathe.   Wish it will and move on.

Somtimes easier said than done.

Today I’m letting go of two plastic bins.  I sold them this morning. 

I am also letting go of tea lights.  I had 15 tea lights.  I’m keeping 6.  I’m also letting go of a kitchen utensil I don’t use.

Even though I’m scared and I don’t know where this journey is taking me, I’m going to continue to move forward.

I cant help but to wonder where I will be on October 31st.

Will I feel lighter?

Will anything have changed?

Will something fun have come into my life?

I’m kinda excited to see where I will be on October 31st!

Thanks for being with me on my journey. 😊❤

Day 6. My CDs

Here’s the picture of my cube from yesterday.

Looks a lot better.

It wasn’t hard to pick four things today.  I haven’t listened to the four cds pictured below in a long, long time.

That’s all for today. I’m off to the consignment shop and then to the used bookstore.

Cross your fingers they will take some of my stuff!

Day 5

I’m cleaning one cube of my eight mcube storage cabinet.

It’s a mess.

There are six coloring books.  I’m keeping one.  I don’t color.  I bought them thinking I would.  I colored one picture in one book.  I’m taking four to the consignment shop and one is going to the thrift store

In one bin is stickers and in the other are words and.phrases I cut out of magazines.  I’m keeping them.  The deck of cards and can of air I’m moving to the tv stand cabinet.  I’m keep the Kelly Rae Robert’s journal.

I’m moving my bins of colored pens and pencils from my coffee table to the cube.

My plan is to move the bins to the cube and put books where the bins were.  This will get the pile of books off of the floor.

I will show a picture of the cube tomorrow.  I forgot to take one before I left today.

Here are the four items I’m letting go of today. 

Obviously I can’t count.

I dont know why I have the crayons.  I have a huge box.  I have been holding onto the stickers.   I’m probably never going to use them.  The coloring book I’m never going to use.  I bought it at a garage sale. 

There was one more item.  I remember.   It was a lock box that used to be my aunts.  I sold it on marketplace yesterday.

Can’t wait to organize my books, but that’s another post…

Four items for Day 4

Here’s a picture of the four things I’m letting go of today.

4 free things

The Aveeno Oat Masks were free with the purchase of Aveeno lotion. I don’t like trying new things especially on my sensitive skin. I have been hanging onto these for over a year. I’m giving them to my sister. The Ticonderoga pencil sharpener were free with purchase of Ticonderoga pencils. It’s cute, but I have an electric pencil sharpener I love. It has to go. The coloring book was free at the post office. I thought I would color and learn more about the US. I’ve had it for six months and haven’t touched. Bye. Bye.

Easy peasy today.

16 so far and counting….

Day 3

While I was working on my craft table yesterday I went thru my stamps and picked out 8 to let go of. I’m using 4 for the four items I’m letting go of today.

I don’t use any of these. I don’t really like the flowers. I havent made anything for Halloween in a long time. The bat is cute, but has to go. I have another stamp that has trust your heart written on it. I dont need two.

I put the other four on Marketplace to sell.

That’s all for today. I’m writing this in the Kohls parking. I have to return a shirt and then off to the trailer to close it up for the season.

I hate closing because it means winter is coming and you know what that means.

Snow. Cold. Ice.


I decided to post a picture of what I let go every day to keep myself motivated.

Until tomorrow.

Day 2 Basement Cleaning Continued.

We are getting a new rubber roof put on our sunroom today so there’s a lot of hammering and stuff going on. I decided to work in the basement to avoid the noise and to clean off the steel table I want to be my craft area.

This is what it looks like now. What a mess!!!

On my steel table I have two plastics bags of groceries I wanted to drop of at the food pantry and never did. I’m dropping them off today. Two pumpkins made out of a cut down tree from my yard my sister made me I’m bringing them upstairs for decorations. I have stuff from grade school my mom gave me. I will be putting them away today. Two puzzle. Two baskets.

Where did all of this stuff come from?This table is a dumping ground!

Here are the four items I’m letting go of.

I love the puzzle. It’s really pretty. Will I ever put it together again? Probably not. It has to go. I don’t even know why I have the bubble mailers. Its going. I thought I would need the ice cream container but I never used it. It’s going. I thought the Thanksgiving decoration was cute last year. This year not so much. Gone.

There’s a bunch more stuff I want to sell on Marketplace. Rubber stamps, two baskets and a small lockbox.

I went to Menards this afternoon and bough a bin to put all of my paint stuff in.

Here’s a picture of what my table looks like now.

I can see it again. Yeah!

I have one more area if this room I need to tackle. It’s not big. It’s just a bunch of pictures and cards and stuff that I need to go through. I might share some old pics of me at some point.

The roofers are done and the roof looks amazing. My craft area is done and that looks amazing

It’s been a great day!