How Do I Say Goodbye To My Stuff?

I was thinking last week about how to say goodbye to the items I am dropping off at the resale/thrift store.

Should I sing a little diddy, read a poem or say a prayer?

I wasn’t sure.

On the way to the resale shop this morning the answer pcame to me.  I just started talking to my items.  I thanked them for being with me.  For helping me.  For giving me comfort and joy.  For being my crutch.  For helping me stay stuck.

I told them that I didn’t want to be stuck anymore and that is why I was letting them go.

I wished them well on their next journey.  I hope that they all find great homes where people love them and use them and show them off.

I told them I loved them and  goodbye.  Our time is over but it was great while it lasted.

Happy trails my friends.  I let you go.

I know my goodbye may sound silly to you.  You may be thinking: but chrissy one of the items was just a tube of toothpaste.

I agree.  It is small.  To me it’s small, but to a child or someone the hasn’t worked in months and is short on cash it may feel like a Godsend.

We should never underestimate how far giving goes or what effects it has.

It feels good knowing that many people will benefit from my donations.

I’m grateful today that I have the ability to give, that I had the guts to let the items go and even more guts to drop it off at the resale store instead of keeping it and letting my life proceede as normal.

Heres a pic of what I let go of in 30 days.


Quite a lot.

Here’s what I what I’m bringing there.

A box of stuff and a comforter from the trailer. A bag of plastic bags and a bag of paper bags.


Stuff that can clutter someone else’s house instead of mine.

Goodbye stuff.

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