NaNoWriteMo Update

Here’s my word count for November 1 -10.

November 1 928 words

November 2 811 words

November 3 851 words

November 4 251 words

November 5 1,039 words

November 6 522 words

November 7 940 words

November 8 808 words

November 9 751 words

November 10 0

Total 6,901 words

Word count goal 8,000

I’m short 1,099 words.

I’m happy with this.

I took yesterday off. I have notes all over the place and I wanted to get everything organized.

I will get back on track today.

So far I’ve written 11 chapters. It’s going good.

The only problem I’ve been having is my characters want to tell me what they want to do in upcoming chapters while I’m at work. I try to take notes and write down as much as I can on my breaks, but I need to concentrate on my job. For some reason they don’t understand this concept and keep interrupting.

What a good problem to have!

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