My Kitchen Drawers

Going through the kitchen cabinets and drawers is on my Finishing The Unfinshed list.  So I’m taking a break from NaNoWriMo and going thru a drawer.

I’m tired of my dish towel drawer.  It is a mess. I forgot to take a picture before I cleaned it out but I did take a picture of everything in it.

My drawers remind me of a dresser you would have in a bedroom.

I love the fact that they are so big, but they end up being junk collectors.

The picture below is what I’m letting go of. 

The pot holders are stained and have holes in.  They are going in the garbage.  I don’t like the towels so I’m taking them to the consignment shop.  A girl at work makes the dish clothes.  I have 25 of them.  i love them, but I’m getting rid of 6 because they are showing their age.   The cutting board is cracked.  It’s going in the fire pit.  The pot holders I made when I was a kid.  I’m keeping 2.  They are so small that you can’t do anything with them.  The spoon holder doesn’t work for me.  I don’t like it.  I’m taking it to the consignment shop.   The hot pad is stained.  It’s going in the garbage.

I’m letting go of 19 items!

Here’s what the drawer look like now.

I did buy two new potholders.

Don’t worry I am still writing.  I will give you an update on Sunday.  I haven’t been writing  every day like I hoped, but I’m happy with my progress.

Until Saturday…

2 thoughts on “My Kitchen Drawers”

  1. That’s the way to go! I also went through my logjam of kitchen towels and got rid of all of those that didn’t “match” my kitchen decor (not that much matches anyway). Some became scrub towels I keep in the hallway closet; a few went out to the garage, and the unsalvageable hit the road. Good job!

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