NaNoWriMo Update 2

I’m happy with my word count in the last 10 days.

Nov. 11 273 words

Nov. 12 373 words

Nov. 13 598 words

Nov. 14 0

Nov. 15 0

Nov. 16 759 words

Nov. 17 0

Nov. 18 1249 words

Nov. 19 908 words

Nov. 20 554 words.

Total word count: 4714

I didn’t hit my daily goal of 800 words, but it’s ok.

I had to work on Nov. 14th from 2 til 10 and on Nov. 15 I spent the day with my husband.

I’m further along than when I attempted this in 2017. Nack then I only made it til November 13. For those 13 days my word count was 2,913.

I’m doing way better this time around.

I’m proud of myself.

I’m writing a chapter a day. This is why my word count varies every day and sometimes doesn’t hit my goal for the day.

I decided that instead stopping when I hit 800 words and maybe being in the middle of a chapter that I was going to type a chapter a day.

I’m excited to write every day to see how my novel progresses.

I know the road I need to take to finish. I know how my novel ends and I know the road to get there.

Even if it takes me to the middle of December to finish I will write til the 1st draft is done.

I feel I’m in the middle and all of the fun stuff to write is coming up. I’m excited to see what my muse comes up with.

It’s been a cool process.

I can’t believe I’ve written half of the first draft of my novel in 20 days.

I think I’m standing a little taller these days.

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