Letting Go Of Christmas Stuff

I’m going through my Christmas stuff this morning.

More stuff I don’t need…..

I decided I’m letting go of items that don’t make me smile. Items that make me ask myself why did I buy that???

I’ve never really had a theme. It was just a hodgepodge of stuff. I never really put any time into it because I work alot of hours during the holidays and Steve is on the road. I put up a tree just to have a tree up.

This year I want to have a theme. I want to look at my decorations and smile.

Last week I bought this cute gnome.

I know he’s not Christmas colors, but he’s so darn cute.

Tomorrow I’m putting a couple items on Marketplace and if they dont sell I’m bringing them to the consignment shop on Tuesday.

I have items that can go to the thrift store.

Ok. I’ve spent enough time on this.

I have 800 words to type today and I have to work.

I’ll let you what I decide to keep and let go.

Have a great day!

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