Cleaning The Basement

A couple times this summer we had water in the basement when it rained.  It wasn’t alot of water and it went right into the drain.  The bad thing is that the water left a light brown trail where it flowed.

I was sick of looking at it so I thought I would scrub the floor over the weekend since the furnance guy is coming tomorrow to clean the furnance and I had four days off.  The room the water was coming in was the storage room so I took took everything out of the room.  It wasn’t a lot since I already had the christmas stuff upstairs.

But you know me, I couldn’t just leave it that.  I had to go thru bins.  I went thru a bin that had our wedding stuff in and another that had Fall and Halloween stuff in and a bin with my grade school through junior high stuff in.

Let’s start with the wedding bin.

Heres what I let go of.

My bridal shower bar hopping shirt

We will be using the napkins. I saved a box of napkins.  I also saved two of the church programs and two heart baskets.  We had yellow and white m&ms in the baskets on each table at our reception.  The tshirt in the upper left corner was cut off me at the church before I put my dress on.

Heres what I let go of my halloween and christmas items.

Over 20 items! 

Hold on!  I forgot three bears.

Maybe 25 items!

I’ve spent part of the last four days in the basement cleaning and rearranging. 

I told my husband I was going to rest yesterday. I tried but the basement and living room looked like I war zone.  I bought six new black bins on Friday. The bins we use now are all different colors and sizes. I transferred stuff from the old bins to the black bins On Saturday we bought two storage racks to put the new bins on. I just want it to look neat and organized. I’ll take a pic when the storage racks are up.

I accomplished alot over the past four days.

I’m very happy.

Now if I only had another four days off……

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