Day 29. Almost At The End

Here is what I am letting go of today.

The marbles have been sitting on my steel table in the basement for 6 months.  I love marbles.  We used to play marbles at recess in grade school and I was good at it.  I was going to put them in a jar, but why?  They serve no purpose. I like them but I don’t love them so they have to go.  I found the large paperclips in the little bin in the back of my filing cabinet drawer a couple of weeks ago. There was another bin with small paperclips in.  I haven’t used either in a year or more.   I kept 10 big paperclips and put them with the little ones. The rest of the big paper clips and the bin have to go.

Last night when I came home from work I started to go through the file of my novel notes.

What a mess!

I have the start of the first five chapters typed out and a ton of notes and half started chapters hand written and a bunch of notes with done and the date written on them.

I think I continued writing it in 2018 but then something happened to my computer and I lost what I had written so I stopped.

As I read through the pile I tried to group ideas and or what I think should be chapters together. After an hour I’m not even half way through my notes, but I shredded a bunch of notes and 30 sheets of themed paper that was turning color around the edges.

Guess what? I’m using the small paper clips and I’m using the medium size lined green sticky notepad that I kept to write on what the topic of that group of notes is.

Because I organized and let go of items I knew exactly what I needed and where it was. Instead of going out and buying what I needed because I knew I had it some where but I couldn’t find it.

This makes the last month all worth while.

I’m really proud of myself.

I’m starting to plan out November. I know I want to continue to clean out. Maybe letting go of 30 items in November while I clean out my office. I want to participate in NaNoWriMo but I think I’m going to do it on a smaller scale. Maybe 800 words a day or maybe just working on it for an hour a day. I’m definately not posting every day. Maybe twice a week updates. I was thinking on starting on November 2nd. We are cutting down trees on the 1st.

I dont know, but I’ll keep you posted.

Until tomorrow….

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