Day 27. Positive Words

I love positive words.  Phrases.  Sayings.  Affirmations.

I put them in places I can see/read them every day. 

Positive words are important to me. They help me believe in myself and my abilities as I move along my path. 

These are the three sayings I am letting go of today.

I’ve had these and three others in my office for the last year or so.  I decided to let go of three.

These are the three I’m keeping.

These three fit me the best.  They inspire me and help me to stay on track and keep moving foward.

I think part of this letting go journey is you let go what doesn’t fit you anymore and making room so what does fit can come into your life.

I think with less stuff you see who you truly are and what you want.

You see things more clearly. Things you may not want to see, but it gives you the opportunity to fix them so they do work.

Positive words turn into positive thoughts which turn into positive habits.

Until tomorrow ….

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