Starting Fresh

I use little bottles of shampoo and deodorant when I go to Vegas, at the trailer and in my overnight bag.

Since I haven’t gone to Vegas or anywhere overnight and camping season is over I’ve decided to go thru all these items and get rid of some.

Here’s what I have.

There’s no reason for me to have all of  this stuff.

I’ve decided to keep some of downstairs in my cabinet so I don’t have to upstairs everytime I need deodorant or something.

Heres what I am keeping downstairs.

This is what is am taking upstairs to use up. I know it won’t take long. Some of them are almost empty.

Here is what is not opened. I’m donating it.

I wish I could throw all of the items in a box and donate it but that’s gross. Half used deodorants and mouthwash. Yucky.

When I go to Vegas for New Year’s, I want to bring all new items and start fresh.

Now that that is out of my system I can go work on my novel for an hour or so.

928 words for yesterday.

Great start!

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