I Have Unlimited Data!

You’re probably wondering why I’m also excited about this.

Doesn’t everyone have unlimited data?

We did not.

We only had 2 g’s.

Our plan was old and my husband didn’t want to change it because he thought the price would go up.

Until we ran completely out of data….

We went to Best Buy yesterday to buy a new laptop computer (she’s a brute but that is another post) for me so I had my husband check out new plans. We were able to get an unlimited plan for $20 more a month but if we use auto pay then we save $20 a month. So it’s a the same price as our old plan.

Woo hoo!

Isn’t it funny how little things can make you happy?

I’m ecstatic!!!

Having a phone and not being able to use it to look things up is a little frustrating to say the least.

To me it was a lot frustrating because it’s where I type my posts. I am typing this post on my phone right. I love getting an idea and no matter where I am I can start writing a post.

I do have a computer which I type posts on once in awhile, but I like my phone much better.

It’s easier and faster and I can work on posts while I am waiting in line or whatever

This is why I haven’t posted much, but now that I have data I am ready to get back to posting.

Yeah for unlimited data!

Kindle Book Update

I’m still working on the first draft of my garage sale book.

I thought of more chapter ideas so that is what I will be working on this week.

I’m about half done.

My mom had a garage sale on Friday that I helped with so that sparked ideas and I made $20!

I’m still working on my business. I met with Tara, my realtor/mentor a week ago Friday to talk about my business flyer. I think from now on I’m just going to call her my mentor. She looked at my flyer and gave me some great ideas how to improve it. We talked for about 45 minutes. She’s awesome and gives great advice.

I don’t have any appointments this week so that gives me time to write.


Doubting Myself

I am in my favorite writing spot working on my flyer.

It’s a gloomy day. It’s snowing and the skies are gray.

Just like my mood.

As I write my thoughts on paper, doubts come in.

You’re not smart enough to have your own business.

No one else in your family has their own business so why do you think you can?

Maybe I should give up before I start. Will this really go any where?

Will Tara, my real estate agent, laugh at my flyer?

Will it be good enough or will she tell me to work on it some more?

Some days, like today, it’s hard not to crawl back under the covers and let doubt rule.

I’ve let these doubts rule most my life.

Until now.

Do I know what the future holds?


Do I know if my business will make it?


What I have learned in the last couple of weeks is that have to push doubt aside and get out of bed and get moving.

I edited my flyer today.

Am I 100% happy with it?


But I am closer to my goal.

Am I scared to show this part of me to the world?

Yes, I am, but it will be ok.

When I get home tonight I will retype it and see what I have. I can play with fonts and colors. I can edit it again.

In time I will come up with something I’m happy with.

Until then I will keep moving forward.

I made progress today. I got out of bed and put words on the page.

My doubts didn’t win.

I am happy with this

Sunday Night Is Working On My Blog Night

I was thinking tonight, as I was looking through my blog posts to see what I should work on, that Sunday nights should be working on my blog night.

Football is over and I really don’t do anything on Sunday nights.

So why not?

I am working on my blog post “The Beginning” tonight which I will post sometime this week.

I am also thinking about a schedule for Fun Friday. I am working on the first post which I will post this Friday. I would like to post something every Friday. I have a couple of ideas for upcoming posts.

I was also thinking about posting weekly about one goal I have for that week. I wanted to post it on Mondays, but Sundays would probably work better. I think it would be a good way to start the week.

I’m not sure what I am going to do. I have a lot of ideas going through my head.

I just wanted to share what is going on so I can hold myself accountable for what I say I am going to do.

I wrote notes in the sideline of my calendar.

I have a plan!

It’s Been A Long Time

Last week I was at my favorite writing spot thinking about what I want to write about in 2022, sifting through half written blog posts and handwritten notes and trying to come up with a schedule for the rest of the year.

I’m not a good planner. I have never been. I’m kinda a fly by the seat of my pants girl.

I’m going to try to change this in 2022.

I realize that I’m not going to get anywhere if I dont have a plan.

I bought a big office calendar to keep track of ideas and posts.

It’s a start.

2022 Goals

Over the last couple of months I have thought a lot about what I want to achieve in 2022.

I have two goals for 2002.

My writing is my first goal. I want to dig deep down and figure out what I really want to do with my writing. I stop and I start. I stop and I start. I want to figure out why. I thought if I started from the beginning and journal about and or blog about when I first decided I wanted to write and why and go on from there I could get to know my writing self a little better and deal with the crap that is holding me back.

Is writing truly my dream and if it’s not what is? That is the question I want to answer.

Getting to know my body and what she wants and needs is my second goal. I thought I knew my body, but getting Diabetes told me I do not. It was a big eye opener for me. I didn’t expect it to happen, but it did and now I have to deal with it. I’ve learned a lot in the two months. I didn’t realize I have a lot of food issues and negative beliefs. I need to sort through these and figure out what works for me and what doesn’t.

I want to be happy with my body.

It’s a short list, but I think it deals with every aspect of my life and I am looking forward to getting to know myself better. I know it’s not going to be easy. It’s going to painful some days. Growth isn’t easy. It’s messy and awkward. It’s going to take time and a lot of work.

I have a lot to share with you in 2022.

Thanks for being with me for the ride.

NaNoWriMo Update.

Before I left for Vegas I finished typing the first draft of my novel for NaNoWriMo.

I’m going to title it Jane for now.

My final word count was 12,801.

The goal was to write 50,000 words.

I am 37,199 words short.

You know what?

I don’t care. 

I’m proud of myself for finishing. 

I started to revise the first 5 chapters on the way to Vegas.  I know what direction I want to go.  There are a couple changes I want to make.

I’m not sure what my June goals are for this yet.  I’ll decide over the weekend.

It’s a great starting point.

Have a nice relaxing weekend while remembering the lives that were lost fighting for our freedom.

Thank you Veterans!!!

Getting Back In The Groove

Ahhh….it feels good to be at one of my favorite writing spot again.

I’m using today to get organized and find out where I am at.

I’m dealing with the folder and notebook I took with me on the plane to Vegas. I have a lot of notes for blog posts. I also started to rewrite the first a couple of chapters of Jane.

I’m trying to figure out my goals for June and what I want to accomplish.

I have some thinking to do.

I’m excited to get back to my writing.

I missed writing and all of you.

First Draft of 100 Items in 30 Days Complete!

I finished writing the first draft of 100 items in 30 Days.

As many of you know in October I let go of 100 items in 30 days. About halfway through October I wondered why I wasn’t taking notes for a book about my experience so I started taking notes and sticking them in a file.

I have the first draft written in pencil and my goal for March is to type and revise it.

I’ve decided that publishing (traditional or kindle) is going to be my main goal for 2021.

I”m crazy excited about this book and all of the possibilities. More books. A journal to go with the books. Classes.

The sky is the limit.

I have always loved to organize things and have thought about sharing this, but I didnt know what to do.

Now I do.

How exciting!

I will keep you posted on my progress.

Writing Projects and Goals For 2021

A couple of weeks ago I read an article on line “Why Throwing out the ‘Old Bananas’ is Imperative to Your Success”  by Gabrielle Garrett.

According the Gabrielle you’re only suppose to have 3 or 4 projects (ripe bananas) that you are currently working on on your desk.  If you have more than that you are putting those projects on the back burner and they are rotting. They need to be removed because they are taking up space in your mind and on your desk.

I totally get that.

My office is filled with rotten bananas.  Unfinished novels and short stories.  Non fiction books.  Essays.

She’s right. They are clogging my mind and office.

After reading the article I decided to put all of the files in my filing cabinet (children’s book ideas, essay ideas, novel ideas) in a bin and put them in the basement.

I had essay and short story files that I worked on once in awhile on my desk and on my coffee table.  I picked out two that I wanted to work on and I put the rest in two small bins with a list of what files are in the bin.

The four writing projects I choose to work on are as follows:


I started writing thos novel for NaNoWriMo last November, but didn’t finish the 1st draft.

My goal is to have the first draft finished by March 31, 2021.

5 Minute Memoir

I’ve been working on this essay to submit to Writer’s Digest for the last two years.  (really rotten banana!)  I keep changing direction and never finish.

My goal is to have this finished and submitted by March 31, 2021.

If You Didn’t Like The Way The Election Turned Out

This article idea came to me after President Biden won the election.  I have a bunch of notes, but I need to complete the essay.

I would like to have the 1st draft of this done by March 15, 2021 and a market in mind to submit it to.

100 Items In 30 Days

As I was letting go of 100 items last October I wondered why I wasn’t writing a book about it.

I was thinking about writing a Kindle book.  Actually 3 books.  I don’t know anything about Kindle so I don’t know if it’s going to work or not, but I want to see what my options are. 

Book 1    100 items in 30 days

Book 2    The next 100

Book 3     Decluttering your work life

The first handwritten draft of book 1 is almost done.  Book 2 and 3 are a bunch of notes in a file.

My goal for Book 1 is the to finish the handwritten draft by March 1st and the typed draft by March 31 and to read five books on Kindle publishing.

Wow!  I have a direction.

Now I have to come up with a schedule.  I’ll have to think about this for awhile.  I’m not sure what is going to work, but I will figure something out.

I sold the end table last week.  It was just a dumping ground for my unfinished writing projects.  

I replaced it with the six cube organizer pictured below.   A cube for each of my writing projects. 

It’s not organized the way I want it to be, but for now it works.

My office isn’t completely organized.  I’ll write about it when is it.

I feel good about my four projects and my direction.

I’ll keep you posted!