I Have Unlimited Data!

You’re probably wondering why I’m also excited about this.

Doesn’t everyone have unlimited data?

We did not.

We only had 2 g’s.

Our plan was old and my husband didn’t want to change it because he thought the price would go up.

Until we ran completely out of data….

We went to Best Buy yesterday to buy a new laptop computer (she’s a brute but that is another post) for me so I had my husband check out new plans. We were able to get an unlimited plan for $20 more a month but if we use auto pay then we save $20 a month. So it’s a the same price as our old plan.

Woo hoo!

Isn’t it funny how little things can make you happy?

I’m ecstatic!!!

Having a phone and not being able to use it to look things up is a little frustrating to say the least.

To me it was a lot frustrating because it’s where I type my posts. I am typing this post on my phone right. I love getting an idea and no matter where I am I can start writing a post.

I do have a computer which I type posts on once in awhile, but I like my phone much better.

It’s easier and faster and I can work on posts while I am waiting in line or whatever

This is why I haven’t posted much, but now that I have data I am ready to get back to posting.

Yeah for unlimited data!