Gratitude Saturday

There are many things I’m grateful for today.

Our trailer

Our golf cart

Our awesome next door neighbors

The radio station that plays old America’s top 40.  Today I’m listening to the episode where the no. 6 song is Boogey Wonderland by earth wind and fire.  The week july 21 1979.

My brother, my brother in law and his wife, my sister in law and her family and friends who have sites close to ours.

I’m grateful that we have somewhere to go and relax and get away from everything and that we have friends and family to share it with

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go dance to the no. 1 song on the countdown  Bad Girls by Donna Summer.

Gratitude Saturday

I’m grateful to finally see people’s faces.

I grateful the mask mandate has finally been lifted.

I’m grateful to be able to go into the lobby of my bank. I have missed talking and laughing with the tellers.

I’m grateful to see people smile and laugh! Laughter is infectuos. What I have missed most is seeing people smile and laugh.

I’m grateful things are getting closer to the way things used to be.


Gratitude Saturday.

I am grateful for pretty much everything this week.

My husband was stuck at a food warehouse in Temple, Texas for three days this week.

It was a nightmare for him and the 200 other drivers stuck at that facility and the millions of other people in Texas.

There a ton of things I am grateful for.

Heat. Running water. Electricity. Bathrooms. Clear roads. Stores that have food on the shelf. Gas stations that have gas. Fast food restaurants that are open and have food. Showers.

The little/big things we take for granted every day.

I usually don’t worry about my husband, but this week I was worried. He doesn’t carry a gun. I was worried about someone stealing his gas during the night ot looting. Some of the drivers had been waiting since Sunday to get unloaded. You never know what can happen. People get pissy…..

I’m grateful the National Guard was there during the day handing out food and water.

I’m grateful for H E B for providing the drivers food and water and having a bathroom for the drivers

I’m grateful to all of the truckers every day for all they do. If they weren’t out there doing what they do we wouldn’t have what we have. Clothes. Food. Gas.

I’m grateful for the people who go the extra mile for my husband.

I’m grateful that my husband is on his way home and that I have another day with him.

He’s the love of my life and I would be lost without him.

Gratitude Saturday

I have a lot to be grateful for this Saturday.  It’s been a busy two weeks with painting and moving stuff to the new house.  Everything is working out good so far. Let’s hope it continues….

Here’s is what I am grateful for today.

  1.  For my family and my in laws.  They have been really helpful and we are grateful   for their help.
  2.  For the new house.  It was well worth the wait.  I feel we are meant to be there.   This is where the next chapter of our lives start.
  3.  For my job.  I am grateful that we have two different starting times when we are   on overtime.  We are on nine hours so I can either start at 1 p.m. or 2 p.m.  I’ve   strolled into work at 2 almost all week.  I am grateful for that extra hour.
  4.  For my friends at work.  They are an encouraging bunch and I am grateful for that.
  5.  For my husband who is on this wonderful journey with me.  i wouldn’t have it any  other way.
  6.  For Home Depot for having exactly the yellow paint I wanted.  The name of the  exact color is at the new house.  I wish I had it here to share in this post.  It is exactly the yellow I envisioned the house to be.  I am extremely happy.
  7.   For my cousin who we rent from.  I thought he would be totally pissed that we bought a house and are moving, but he’s been really cool about it.
  8.   For my dad and my mother and father in law and other family and friends up above who are looking down on us and smiling.  I know they are part of the reason our house dream is coming true.
  9.  For all that I have learned in the last couple of weeks.  Especially about paint and painting.  I think my sister in law has turned me into a paint snob.  When I was looking for my color yellow in home depot I grabbed all of the yellow paint samples and took them to a sunny spot so I could them clearly.  One was too green.  The other a little more brown than I wanted.  I have learned a lot about colors and sheen and painting.  I’m really proud of myself.
  10.  For my readers.  I know I haven’t been posting regularly and that bums me out because I miss being a part of my blog and commenting on other blogs like I used to.  Hopefully after we are completely moved and my internet is hooked up I can blog on a regular basis.  I’m praying the internet at the new house is as good as the internet at this house. Thank you for your understanding!!

I’m going to bed with a grateful heart tonight!


Gratitude Saturday

Today I’m going to follow LA (waking up on the wrong side of 50) and list the ten things I am grateful for.

1.    My husband’s “angels”.  The awesome men and women who help him while he’s out on the road.  I really appreciate the people who help truckers even when they don’t have to.  From the small things like people stopping traffic with their vehicle so the trucker can make a turn to the big stuff like the mechanics who take a later lunch so they can work on a truck so the drive can get back on the road.  Thank you all.  You are appreciated

2.    Tara, my real estate agent and Rebecca, my banker, who are working hard to make sure this house deal happens.  5 more days til we close.  So excited.

3.    That my niece wasn’t hurt in the car accident she was in.

4.    My husband and how hard he works.  He left this morning so he can be back in time for the final walk through of the new house on Thursday.  He’s missing his niece’s confirmation tomorrow and seeing people from out of state who have come to town for the confirmation.  I am very lucky to have him.

5.    My job.  Even though I’m not happy with the crap that goes on, I am very grateful that I have a great paying job and great coworkers.

6.    My blogging community.  I learn so much from all of you and from the new blogs I stumble across.  I appreciate all of you.

7.    The spring is finally on it’s way.  It was cold and windy as crap today, but I least there is light at the end of the tunnel.

8.    That the campground opens in a month.  I can’t wait to sit on the deck and write and/or lay on my floatie and relax.  This is what has kept me going this weekend.

9.    I learned how to upload pictures from my phone to my computer today.  Hopefully I will be able to post pics soon and I will post a picture of my floatie.  I love it!!!

10.   My husband, my family and my in laws.  They are an awesome group of people who definitely have their own quirks and love me and my quirks unconditionally.  I am loved and spoiled and well taken care of and for that I am extremely grateful.