Gratitude Saturday.

I am grateful for pretty much everything this week.

My husband was stuck at a food warehouse in Temple, Texas for three days this week.

It was a nightmare for him and the 200 other drivers stuck at that facility and the millions of other people in Texas.

There a ton of things I am grateful for.

Heat. Running water. Electricity. Bathrooms. Clear roads. Stores that have food on the shelf. Gas stations that have gas. Fast food restaurants that are open and have food. Showers.

The little/big things we take for granted every day.

I usually don’t worry about my husband, but this week I was worried. He doesn’t carry a gun. I was worried about someone stealing his gas during the night ot looting. Some of the drivers had been waiting since Sunday to get unloaded. You never know what can happen. People get pissy…..

I’m grateful the National Guard was there during the day handing out food and water.

I’m grateful for H E B for providing the drivers food and water and having a bathroom for the drivers

I’m grateful to all of the truckers every day for all they do. If they weren’t out there doing what they do we wouldn’t have what we have. Clothes. Food. Gas.

I’m grateful for the people who go the extra mile for my husband.

I’m grateful that my husband is on his way home and that I have another day with him.

He’s the love of my life and I would be lost without him.

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