My Wedding Dress

My wedding dress has been in a box in the basement for the last 12 years.

Will I ever wear it again?

I don’t think so. I would have to lose 20 pounds to get into it and I don’t see that happening.

Then why do I keep it?

I don’t know.

Usually I don’t think about it or even remember it’s down there, but yesterday I moved all the items out of one room in the basement so my husband could put up shelving to organize stuff better.

Every so often I think about letting it go.

I could donate it to the hospital. They have someone make funeral dresses for babies who are born stillborn. I know this may sound morbid, but it needs to be done. Bless the person that does this.

Sometimes I think about giving it to the thrift store or bringing it to the consignment shop, but that gives me a bad feeling in my stomach.

I never opened the box since it came back from the company I sent it to to get it cleaned to preserve it or whatever they do. I think about opening the box but will I wreck any thing by doing so?

I dont open it.

I sometimes wonder if I let go of my dress does that mean on some level I am letting go of my marriage?

When I think about letting go of my dress this is the question I ask myself. Will letting go of the dress unravel my marriage and will I end up divorced?

I know it’s a little silly to think this way. I think I’m a little superstitious in this respect.

Does anyone else feel this way?

Do you still have your dress? Why?

My mom thinks I should keep it because maybe I will celebrate 25 years. I would be 69 and my husband will be 67. Will we even be alive then?

I’ll probably keep it.

Just wanted to share what thoughts were rolling around in my head this morning while I lay in bad and write this.

Maybe I will look at what is in the box this morning as I’m putting stuff the shelves in the basement…

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