Fun Friday: The To Do List For LYLO

I’m so excited.

The to do list for LYLO is long, but it’s going to be fun.

Don’t let me fool you there’s other emotions going on here.




I’m feeling all of the emotions and letting them go.

Enough procrastinating.

Here’s the list of things to do:

Figure out logo and font of logo. This is going to be fun. I love going through the different font styles. I love how some are bold, some are curvy and fancy and some are just blah.

Figure out business cards.

Get a post office box.

Finish the details on my insurance. I have an appointment on April 15 (Good Friday) to pay for the insurance. This one is almost complete.

Put an ad on Craigslist.

Get the flyer ready and give to Tara. My real estate agent, Tara, is going to hand out business flyers for me. Isn’t that sweet? Maybe I will get my first customer through her.

Get a Tax ID no.

Figure out of a filing system for my business papers.

Figure out a system that lists all of my expenses and that stuff.

Figure out what I supplies (label maker, tape, etc.) I need

Get my client questionnaire finished. I want to have my clients fill out a questionnaire so I know their needs and can figure out action plan.

Figure out what I need for my first consult.

Find my first client.

Wow! That’s quite the list.

Today I’m working on the getting a post office box. I’ve already been to two post offices in different city/town and going to a 3rd today. Each post office has different prices for their boxes. I want to check out all three before I chose. $100 for the year. Not bad.

Anything I missed? Any suggestions?

Feel free to comment. I value your input.


It’s Official!

The name of my business is Lighten Your Load Organizing.

I chose LYLO because it was the only domain name that wasn’t taken on Go Daddy and if I want a website at a later date I should have a domain name that matches my business name.

I had my heart set on Organized Chaos, but the business name was taken and so was the domain name. I could buy the domain name for $24,000.

No thanks.

Yesterday morning I registered my LLC and my EIN. It only took an hour and a half. Not bad.

So my business is.offically a business.

I’m excited!

Now I just have to figure out how to get my first customer.

I’m thinking about not charging my first customer and use it as a trail run. Or maybe ask them to pay me what they think is fair if they are happy with the job I did or not at all if I sucked.

I have somethings to do between now and then. I’ll let you know what those things are tomorrow.

I have a lot to think about…..

I Forgot To Share My Good News

A month ago I had an appointment with my diabetes doctor.

It was fantastic!!!

My weight went from 186 in November to 173 in February. When I started working out with the girls from work in July I weighed 205. I’m happy with my weight loss.

My A1C went from 11.4 to 7.3.

My doctor was extrmemly happy. He said I made his day!

I was extremely happy. I made my day!

It was very hard to give up my white bread and soda and sugar, but I did it.

I’m really proud of my self.

Yay me!!

Fun Friday:  Naming My Business

I’m trying to see decide what I should name my business.

Below are the names I’m thinking about.

An Organized Lady

One Organized Lady

The Organizing Lady

Lighten Your Load

Open Spaces Organizing

Organized Chaos

Everything In Its Place.

I’m torn between these two.

Organized Chaos


Open Spaces Organizing.

I’m leaning toward Organized Chaos.

Open Spaces Organizing  is practical.  It tells a story. Simple.

Organized Chaos is a little on the sassy side.  It also tells a story.  It just isn’t that obvious.  It’s the name I keep coming back to.

What are your thoughts? 

What name do you like?

Weekly Goal: A Little Side Hustle

I’ve been thinking about two things lately. 

The first thing is to blog about having a weekly goal that I share with you. 

A goal and what I plan to accomplish that week.  Maybe the steps I plan to take or what I learned during the week.

I’m not sure how this will turn out but I’m going to give it a shot. 

The second thing is starting a side hustle.

The side hustle I want to start is a home organization business.  I think I blogged about it before, but I don’t remember when.

Actually, it is more of an item purging business. I would help people let go of possessions and then organize their homes.

Covid was the reason I didn’t follow through originally.  I am vaccinated and boosted but I didn’t feel comfortable going into people’s houses and touching their things.

Now that Covid has subsided (for the moment) I feel it’s time to move forward with the idea.

My goals for the week are:

To go through my notes I have on my side hustle and organize them.

To fill out paperwork for an LLC in Wisconsin.

To complete my ad to give to my real estate agent, Tara, who will pass it out it to her clients.

To do some research on business cards and what information I need to put on the cards.

To figure out a questionnaire to ask my clients so I know their needs and how to help them.

Add a business page to my Facebook page.

As I write this, I think its going to take more than a week to achieve my goals. There is a lot to do.

I’ll let you know how things go.

One more thing…..

I am totally terrified.

So Sweet

On Saturday night my husband and i pulled into the parking lot of a restuarant.  My husband stopped the truck to let a older gentlemen and his father walk to their truck. 

I smiled as I watched them walk together.   The father shuffled his feet as his son helped him cross the parking lot.

We parked and as I walked to the restaurant I looked over and saw the son putting a wooden two step platform into his truck.

Tears came to my eyes as I realized the steps were to help his dad get in and out of his truck.

That is love. 

That is respect.

I was blown away by how much he loved his dad.  Those two steps said so much.

This act of love will forever stay in my heart.

Fun Friday: Having Lunch With A Woman I Used To Work With

I’m looking forward to having lunch with Juli today.

I truly miss her. She was a boss at her last job and she was a fountain of information.

I learned a lot from her about a company’s bottom line and how a company runs. Her last company didn’t sell the same thing my company sells but she helped me see things from a bosses perspective rather than a workers.

I could bounce ideas off of her. I could talk to her about anything. We laughed. We joked around.

We had fun while we worked.

I miss her and her happy way.

She currently works 10 hours a day and 8 on Saturday 3 weeks out of the month. I work a lot too so we really don’t get to see each other, but we do text once in awhile.

She brought fun into my work life in a way that very few do.

Seeing her today and catching up will definately be fun!

I’m So Excited!

I finally was able to figure out the WordPress app in my phone today!!!

I’m so excited.

For the last week and a half I have felt like a fish out of water. I have had to do things on my computer. Not a big fan. The app is much easier.

Having the WordPress app on my phone is heaven. I can read posts and comment. I can respond to comments. I can write blog posts.

This totally made my day.

I’m back in the game my friends.


Fun Friday: A Little Early

I know it’s only Thursday, but my husband and I are leaving tonight for a weekend away. We are going to visit my stepson and his family in South Carolina.

It will be fun a fun weekend. 80 degrees and no work.

It’s been a hell of week. I’m feeling better, but we bought new phones last weekend and I bought a new tablet a month ago so trying to set them up and sync them has been a challenge. Someone was trying to hack into my Google account so I had to change my password and all that stuff.

Right now I’m on hold with the airlines because my husband paid for seats at the front of the plane and when I printed the tickets I found out we are at the back of the plane. My husband is not happy. I remind him that everyone is short staffed, and we probably aren’t the only people having problems.

Which is why I’m on hold for an hour. He can’t call because he is at work.

I’m not going to let it ruin my day. I’m going to continue to pack and move forward.

I’m sure it will get worked out.

I’m looking forward being outside in the sunshine where I can breathe and let go.

This is my focus this weekend.

To breathe and let go.

And to swing on a swing in the park.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?