QP: I Want To Be Creative Every Day.

Hi! Just a quick post (QP) to share with you something I just realized.

The lightbulb over my head is on very brightly today.

I just realized I want to be creative every day.

Creativity is what my life is missing. This what is missing in my day to day and in my work life.

It’s maybe what has always been missing.

I feel like I found a missing piece to the puzzle.

I have no idea where this is going to go but I will share it with you as I learn more and grow into it.

I’m really excited about this little nugget of knowledge.

Have a great day everyone!

My Morning Routine

I have finally decided that my morning ritual will consist of writing three pages in my journal with relaxing music play in the background and then reading my list of affirmations.

I have been doing this for the last couple of days and it is working well. It really helps to start my day on a positive note.

Writing in my journal helps me dump all of the negative stuff in my brain and my psyche from the day before and the past onto the page so I’m not carrying it into today. It helps work through problems. Sometimes parts of my journal pages turn into blog posts or other writing projects.

I love this quiet time by myself. It clears my head and puts me in a positive mood.

I love reading my affirmations but I havent completed my list. I’m still trying to figure out what I want and need on my list. I will post my list at a later date.

My morning routine is just another way I’m being nice to myself and I love it!

Calling In Sick Is Being Nice To Myself.

I’m not feeling well today so I called in sick. This is the first time I have called in sick all year.

I feel guilty.

It’s not that I’m not sick. I have some kind of stomach bug. I took a day of vacation yesterday because I didn’t feel good and I called in today.

Staying home today is the nice thing I am doing for myself today.

Could I have gone in today and struggled through the day? Yes. I almost called my boss and asked if I could come in after I called in.

Why is it so hard to be nice to myself when it comes to work? I know they depend on me but I depend on me too. I know I’m expected to be there but I get five call ins a a year. This is the 2nd one i used. I used the first one because the temperature was- 15 below. If I get the days I should be able to use them when and for whatever reason I want to.

Yes, there is the money issue. I get that. I’m losing eight hours of pay but this is something I’m working on too. I’m working on believing in an abundant universe instead of living with my scarcity thinking. I’m working on money coming into my life from different sources instead of one. I wrote about this in my journal this morning.

Today I’m giving my body a chance to rest and recoup from the hot, muggy weather and 10 hour work days. I just woke up from nap. Its 1:46 PM. I have the windows open and there is a wonderful cool breeze blowing in. I’m totally relaxed. The birds are chirping and an occasional tractor drives by my house.

This is exactly what I needed. I’m going to write this afternoon and watch my favorite TV shows tonight.

Do I deserve this? Hell ya!

This has been the most difficult day for me being nice to myself but I have learned a lot. I have learned my health is more important than living by corporate rules. (Within reason of course). I deserve to be treated nicely by myself and by my place of employment. It’s time to rethink this whole work and money thing to see if I can come up with something that fits me better job wise.

Figuring this out would be doing something really nice to myself.

I’m getting really good at being nice to myself.

In her book You Are A Badass At Making Money, Jen Sincero talks about writing down your perfect day and seeing it clearly in your mind. It includes career wise, health wise and anything else that is important to you. I love this book and highly recommend it. Jen is a badass.

I think I will do this today. Staying home today to contemplate a job change and figuring out steps to get to this change is kind of funny. They would never think of me leaving. Hell, I’ve been with the company for almost 23 years.

I’ve always been a follow the rules kind of girl and this sometimes drives my husband crazy because he thinks i need to think outside of the box once in awhile. I’m going to take his advise today and think outside if the box.

Maybe I’ll come up with an escape from work plan. This scares me to death but I can think about it today. I dont have to hand in my resignation letter tomorrow, but I can think about it today.

What a wonderful day off.

I Am Something.

“My daughter has a career and I am nothing, I just have a job.” A coworker, C, said to me tonight at work after sharing with me that her daughter was now an RN.

“That’s not true. You’re something.” I said. I was flabbergasted that she would say something like that about herself.

“I am the proud mom of an RN.”

“Tell her congratulations for me.” I said and walked away.

Why did C think she had to had have a college education or a career to be something? Just because she doesn’t have a college degree didn’t mean she is nothing.

How sad to think that you are nothing. True or not true.

I walked away because I didnt want to hear anymore of her negative self talk. I’m trying to steer clear of people like her. It’s too easy to fall into those negative patterns.

I believe I am something. I have a good job. It’s not my chosen career but I am working on that. I am not nothing because I am not writing full time and making oodles of money at it. I am something whether I am writing or not.

I am something because I am breathing.

C’s statement bothered me. I believe everyone is something. You don’t need a college degree to be something.

You need to believe you are something. You need to believe in yourself and in your abilities. Life is what you make of it.

C thinks she is nothing.


You are what you think you are.


Look At How Big The Babies Are!

I drove past the field where the babies are growing today on the way to my accupuncture appointment.

They are so big! Here’s a pic.

They are growing like weeds.

I’m guessing its corn, but I’m not sure.

The longer I live in the country the more I appreciate farmers and what the do.

The little plants are food for human or animal consumption. A whole field! Think of everyone who will be fed.

And whose to say there isn’t abundance all around us!

Today I am grateful for all farmers who till the land, tend to their crop and then harvest it.

I can’t wait to see how big the plants get and what the crop is.