I love dragons and I usually bring one home from Vegas every trip.

The dragon picture below is the one I brought home yesterday.

This dragon spoke to me because she looks like she just returned from battle.

She kind of reminds me of me.

I had to let of limitations and old beliefs as I figure out my new business. I feel this is what the coffin represents. Somewhere to put the old me that has died.

I love how she is laying on the top of the coffin resting. She still has her battle gear on so maybe she has more battles ahead.

I get that. As I let go of the past I, too, rest. Letting go is kind of like battle except its with myself

I love the crystal ball. Maybe she’s looking into it wondering what the future holds.

I, too, wonder what the future holds. I see good things. A profitable side hustle. Fun, honest and easy to work with customers.

A bright future.

The top of the coffin lifts off.

I’m not sure what I am going to put in it.

I’ll have to think about that for awhile.

I love the design on the bottom of the coffin. It’s so cool.

I named her Battle. Maybe she will tell what she wants inside. Until then it’s going to stay empty.

For now I’m going keep letting go, fighting for what is mine, being grateful for what I have and keep moving forward

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