Fun Friday: Rich Little Piggies

My husband and I got home from Vegas early this morning.

3:23 am to be exact.

I love Vegas. I love the atmosphere. The energy. The vibe. The heartbeat.

For me going to Vegas is fun!

This time we took my brother in law, David. He is fun. He has this loud,) giant laugh that makes me laugh. He is funny. Goofy.

My husband, David and I had so much fun playing the slot machine in the photo below.

The pigs start out small. As you spin you get coins that go into the pig and the pigs get bigger and bigger and at a certain point the pigs pop.

I think (hope) I broke even on these machines. It was the machine we played at a couple of casinos along the strip.

It was my favorite.

The pigs are so cute. They dance on the screen and if you touch the screen they oink.

We spent hours and many dollars on these machines.

When I play the slots I look for machines that stimulate my mind and that are fun. When I gamble I just don’t want to dump my money in a machine. I want to play. To think. To laugh.

We walked through casinos laughing and looking for fat pigs to pop.

I enjoyed my vacation.

It was fun!

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