Day 14 Two Week Overview Coincidence Or No?

The thing I realized this week is that I have a lot of stuff tucked away for later use that was forgotten about and not used!


What I’m letting go of today is:

We’ve had the VCR on the floor in the living room for a couple of months deciding what we should do with it.  The VCR doesn’t work but the DVD player does.  Over the weekend we decided to take it to Best Buy to be recycled.  The Victoria’s Secret makeup bag I received as a gift and don’t use.  It’s going to the thrift store. I loved the saying on the board when I bought it.  It’s how I live my life every day, but I want something that inspires me and helps me grow.  Something that helps me remember the direction I want to go in when I read it.  I tried to sell it and the makeup bag on Marketplace but neither sold.  Yesterday I took it to the consignment shop.

So far I have let go of 59 items!!!!

I have two good things come into my life/happen to me over the last week

1. Last Thursday the company I work for gave 2nd shift 5 extra vacation days a year. Yes! Money wise that’s over $800 they gave me. Its goes into effect next year. This year we are prorated 1 day. $160 and some change.

2. When I was at the recycling center last Thursday I was hit on by one of the employees who wanted to take me on a Harley ride this past weekend. I can’t tell you the last time I was hit on.

At the campground we are friends with Jerry and his family. Jerry is 74. Steve and I stopped at their campsite to wish them a happy and safe winter. Jerry motioned me over to him. When I bent over he whispered in my ear “Youre a very pretty young lady. He better be on his best behavior.” I smiled and thanked him.

Yesterday I had blood drawn and the nurse told me twice that I didn’t look 55.

Could letting go of those 59 items be making me beautiful, letting my charisma out and bringing good things into my life?

Coincidence or no?

I think so.

I can’t wait to see what other good things are going to come into my life.

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