Day 15 More Note Paper

I have the above two bins on a shelf on the cabinet below the coffee maker.

I can’t believe that I found more note paper in the bin on the left!  2 big pads and 2 little ones.

I also found 6 rolls of tape.

All I can do is shake my head.

You can guess what I’m letting go of today.

3 pads.  2 rolls of tape.  2 rings for  the table and umbrella we dont have anymore.

8 items and I still have the other bin to go thru. 

Side edit: I wrote this post last night. This morning I asked my husband about the 2 rings and he wants to keep them. This is the first thing I have asked him about. Most of the things I have let go of I knew he wouldnt notice/care.

So 6 items.

Not much in the other bin. Mostly has guy stuff in. 

And 7 phone books.

Yes 7.  1 from 2018.  3 from 2019. 3 from 2020.

I’m keeping 2.  1 would probably do.  Does anyone even look at a phone book anymore? 

I’m not adding them to the total things I’m letting go of. They should have been tossed months ago.

Here’s what the bins look like now.


Another area gone thru.

More items gone.

Letting go of items is mentally exhausting.

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