Day 13

Here’s the 5 things I’m letting go of today.

Today I opened the drawer of the little table my telephone is on (yes, we still have a landline) and found 9 pads of note paper in it.




Four of the five pads of paper I’m letting go of were free. Hotel or insurance agency pads of paper. Two of the five only have 5 sheets of paper on it. All of them are going to the thrift store.

I’m still wondering where does all of this stuff come from and why would I take a pad of note paper from a hotel with 5 sheets of paper on?

I don’t know. I’m sure I thought I was going to use it at some point.

Until tomorrow…..

6 thoughts on “Day 13”

      1. It’s insane. But I get why we keep them. We think the6 are useful and practical so why get rid of them. But really…how many do you need in a lifetime?

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