Day 12

I’m amazed at how much stuff I have in the nooks and crannies in our house.

I found 6 bags of Halloween candy I bought last year and bag of Valentine’s Day chocolate I received from work in a cabinet in the kitchen.

I’m letting go of this candy today.  I gave two bags to my brother.  Three bags are going to my mom’s.  My step daughter is taking one bag and I’m bringing one bag to work.

I now have a section of the cabinet to put my husband’s coffee in. (Picture below) The slow cooker is on the other side of the cabinet. I’m thinking of putting it in the closet under the stairs. Then I can move the box of coffee that is above the stove to the cabinet. I want new containers for sugar and flour and brown sugar. If I buy new containers I can move my sugar and flour to above the stove and have more room in my pantry.

It makes sense to have the coffee by the coffee maker.

The containers above are

what I use now for sugar and stuff. Not very adult like. The dog treat containers worked back then, but not now. I want something more girly. Something pretty. I’ve been wanting this since covid hit.

I’m going to the consignment shop this week to drop some stuff off. Maybe she still has the canisters.

51 items gone.

I’m amazed at how functional things are becoming.

6 thoughts on “Day 12”

  1. I love it!!! I found myself buying small canisters similar to yours for our dog treats, too, because once I cleaned/organized the pantry I was tired of all the half open boxes of dog treats. Containers are now becoming my friends.

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