Day 11 Function.

Wednesday night I cleaned the top drawer of my nightstand.  I didnt take a picture, but there was a bunch of junk in it.  Dull pencils, a couple of pens, a small notebook, a bottle of aspirin and a bunch of other stuff.

When I woke up this morning I went thru my husband’s nightstand.  His had two things in it.  An old phone and a receipt from 2017. 

Heres what I’m letting go of today.

The phone I going in the garbage.  My mom, my sister, my niece and I all bought self defense eye poker outers on one of shopping trips over a year ago. It must been in my nightstand drawer since I bought it.  Gone.  I bought the bookmark at a garage sale.  It’s cute but it’s only long enough for a regular size paperback.  Gone.

I organized my nightstand drawer this morning.

Over the last couple of days I’ve thought a lot about function.

What is the function of our bedroom?

The main function is to sleep. (And to make love, but that’s not my focus right now 🙂 ).

I’m questioning why I have what I have in my bedroom.

I have to say it’s because I always have had it this way. Sad, but true. This way of thinking that doesnt work for me anymore

Here is a picture of what I have on my dresser.

And my nightstand

I’m starting to ask myself questions as I walk around my house.

Why is this here?

What is the purpose and function?

Should I move it?

Do we even use it?

Would it be more functional somewhere else?

These questions were in my head as we closed up our trailer. I probably brought two thirds of the stuff home to go thru it over the winter to see if we use it or not. I’m taking a couple of things I know we don’t use to the consignment shop.

I had all of my utensils in the owl. I can’t tell you the last time we used them. We cook in my sister in law’s she shed. I have a vacuum I use so I don’t need the dust pan that was in a drawer we rarely open. I dont think I’ve ever used it. The laundry bag was hanging in the closet. We never used it. There is comforter that was under our bed that isn’t in the picture.

Unused stuff clogging our life.

Since I’m questioning my stuff I’m also questioning how I use my cabinets.

I have an awesome cabinet in our bedroom.

I’m wondering if I can use this more effectively. Maybe I can use it for storage for things I’m not using in my office. Or put my arts and craft stuff in there.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet.

I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

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