Day 2 Basement Cleaning Continued.

We are getting a new rubber roof put on our sunroom today so there’s a lot of hammering and stuff going on. I decided to work in the basement to avoid the noise and to clean off the steel table I want to be my craft area.

This is what it looks like now. What a mess!!!

On my steel table I have two plastics bags of groceries I wanted to drop of at the food pantry and never did. I’m dropping them off today. Two pumpkins made out of a cut down tree from my yard my sister made me I’m bringing them upstairs for decorations. I have stuff from grade school my mom gave me. I will be putting them away today. Two puzzle. Two baskets.

Where did all of this stuff come from?This table is a dumping ground!

Here are the four items I’m letting go of.

I love the puzzle. It’s really pretty. Will I ever put it together again? Probably not. It has to go. I don’t even know why I have the bubble mailers. Its going. I thought I would need the ice cream container but I never used it. It’s going. I thought the Thanksgiving decoration was cute last year. This year not so much. Gone.

There’s a bunch more stuff I want to sell on Marketplace. Rubber stamps, two baskets and a small lockbox.

I went to Menards this afternoon and bough a bin to put all of my paint stuff in.

Here’s a picture of what my table looks like now.

I can see it again. Yeah!

I have one more area if this room I need to tackle. It’s not big. It’s just a bunch of pictures and cards and stuff that I need to go through. I might share some old pics of me at some point.

The roofers are done and the roof looks amazing. My craft area is done and that looks amazing

It’s been a great day!

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