100 Items in 31 Days Purge

Happy October!!

I’ve decided to start of October on a positive note and let go of 100 items in 31 days.

That’s roughly 4 items a day for the first 7 days and 3 items each day for the last 24 days. I decided on 4 items for each day at the beginning of the month because finding stuff at the end of the month might be a challenge.

There’s items in the house that I have been saving for a “what if I need them day?”. What if that day never comes? I’m holding onto stuff for what reason? I’ve decided to let go of that stuff and if I need it I will go out and buy it.

I really want to observe what I let go of and see what spaces open up in my life and why.

I’m scared to let 100 items go, but I’m excited to see what changes it will bring.

I will be posting every day what I let go of and my feelings about it.

Today I am letting go of a Yoga video that I have rarely used. There’s a yoga/excercise channel that I recently subscribed to with our cable company. 2 packages of toe separators. I can always buy new ones if I need to. And 1 Eucalyptus bottle of hand santizer. I don’t like the smell. I saved it because we couldn’t get hand santizer for awhile and thought I might have to use it.

I’m sharing my reasons with you to learn more about myself and why I keep the stuff that I do.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

You can join me if you want. I’m curious of others peoples stuff and why they keep it.

Have a great day!

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