Cleaning The Basement On A Sunday Afternoon

As you may know I have a couple boxes of stuff in the basement that I was going to give to my church for their garage sale and a small box of books I was going to give the hospital where my mom had her surgery, but because of Covid they are still down there.

Since I’m not watching football and it’s raining I’m cleaning the basement this afternoon. It’s been bugging me for awhile and it just needs to get done. It’s full of crap and needs to be organized.

stuff in corner of basement

It didn’t take long. Maybe an hour or so. I have four boxes for the thrift store.

I put the 6 beach towels on Marketplace. There are six pillowcases on top of the towels. Why? I have no idea. I don’t even think we have the sheets for them anymore. I kept two. I kept the blanket. The empty boxes were used to put stuff for the thrift store in. I found 50+ hangers that I used for the garage sale in the bottom of one of the bins. I kept 10 and the rest are going to the thrift store.

much better

The four bins on the right are my journals. No, I haven’t read them or dumped them. I don’t know why I hang onto them.

I’m keeping the clear bins. Work gave them to us for free. I used them for garage sale stuff.

I’m keeping the small box of books. I found a used book store that will take my books and give me credit for future purchases. I don’t know how much I will get for my books. I really don’t care. I’m helping a local business and I’m happy that I can drop my books off at a place that loves and appreciate books.

A small corner is cleaned out and I feel much better.

The thrift store is going to love me tomorrow and I love the thrift store for being open and taking my stuff.

I have a confession to make. It’s Sunday night and football is on. Yes, I broke. I was at my sister in law’s house today and she had the game on. Yes, I watched a little.

It reminded me that it’s not just football that I love. I love learning about the game and the players from the announcers. I love seeing the fans when they are in the stands and the different stadiums. I love the night games and the pictures of the cities they play in. They are showing some beautiful pics of the Big Easy tonight.

A girl has a right to change her mind doesn’t she?

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