Day 3

While I was working on my craft table yesterday I went thru my stamps and picked out 8 to let go of. I’m using 4 for the four items I’m letting go of today.

I don’t use any of these. I don’t really like the flowers. I havent made anything for Halloween in a long time. The bat is cute, but has to go. I have another stamp that has trust your heart written on it. I dont need two.

I put the other four on Marketplace to sell.

That’s all for today. I’m writing this in the Kohls parking. I have to return a shirt and then off to the trailer to close it up for the season.

I hate closing because it means winter is coming and you know what that means.

Snow. Cold. Ice.


I decided to post a picture of what I let go every day to keep myself motivated.

Until tomorrow.

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