A New Drawing

This drawing has been swimming around in my head for the last couple of weeks. I had some time on Saturday afternoon so I decided to use the time to draw.

On the left is a picture of the future and the left is the past.

I wanted to draw a young girl’s face looking out of the dumpster but I couldn’t figure out how.

The young girl I wanted to draw is me looking out and seeing what is really there. I’m finally ready to let go of all that garbage from the past and move forward.

Why this happening at age 55 I don’t know, but I am grateful. I dont know why all of this stuff chose to come to the surface in the last couple of weeks, but I’m glad I’m getting the chance to deal with it.

This pandemic has given me plenty of time to think. I promised myself I would come out a better person at the end of this. Even though were not even close to the end of this pandemic I am a better person. I’m stronger. More vocal. More focused.

More me.

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