I Miss Seeing Smiles

“I’m smiling under my mask.” I told a woman I just said hello to in the library the other day.

“I’m smiling too.” She said.

I miss seeing people smile.

I know wearing a mask is important. I know we need to do it.

But something is missing.

I miss seeing the quick smile of someone sneaking by me in an isle. I miss seeing the smiles of little kids jumping around. I miss seeing the smiles of friends and family I run into in the store. I miss seeing the smile of my favorite cashier at the grocery store. I miss seeing my mom smile.

I just miss seeing people smile.

Smiles warm your heart. They lift your spirits and give you encouragement.

I think this is part of the reason why my spirits are so low. Seeing people smile makes me smile.

I pray every day for a cure for this virus.

I wear a mask so I can see people smile again.

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