It’s Planting Season

I love planting season.

I love seeing these little babies pop out of the ground. I love how they sparkle in the sun. I love how they are in straight, perfect lines. I love how they reach for the sky.

After being quarantined and having a lot of time to think, I feel this is where I am in some parts of my life.

Just beginning to pop my head out and see where I am. I know I’ve been hiding in some areas and I’m trying to coax myself out.

I am beginning to stand up for myself and what I want in a different way. I am able to tell people “Hey this isn’t going to work for me” and walk away from the situation. I’ve never been able to do this before.

I’ve become stronger. More vocal.

More of my true me.

When I drive past these little babies I smile and remind myself that I, too, need love, water and positive words to grow in new ways.

A gentle touch. A kind word.

I’m treating myself better and I’m teaching people the new way I want to be treated.

The road is uphill and sometimes scary, but I keep moving forward.

I got this!!

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