Day 2 Money

I wrote about manifesting money from Unleashing Your Inner Money Babe and sharing what Day 1 entailed a couple of weeks ago.

I didnt get to Day 2.

I haven’t been really happy in the last couple of months. First the virus and then the death of George Floyd and the riots and looting and the ten minute breaks at work.

I don’t feel cared for at work. All during this virus stuff, management has been absent. I haven’t seen the Pesident or CEO since the virus started. Management hasn’t asked how we are doing it or if we need anything. Silence. We did get a drum of hand sanitizer seven weeks into the virus. Better late than never.

And the ten minute breaks well….i did lose four pounds. I usually have breakfast at noon and then an apple or celery on my way to work. On my first break I eat granola or half of something I need to heat up and on my 2nd break I finish what I made in the microwave. My last break I eat a banana. It hasn’t been the worst, but I do6nt like it. I miss being able to leave for awhile and clear my head. Rumor has it the 3 ten minute breaks were already decided before we voted.

Maybe some day I will get used to it.

I started over with Day 1 yesterday. I cleaned out my purse and did somethings with my money box.

Day 2 is centered around forgiving people to wronged you.

With all of the talk about freedom of speech and expressing yourself in the last two weeks a lot of stuff has come to the surface for me.

I dont feel my opinion matters at work so I’m kinda angry about that. Ok. So I’m angry. It’s been like this new managment took over about 5 years ago. I can voice my opinion but management’s view is basically if you don’t like it you can get a different job. I feel like I’m being treated like a child.

Which brings me to my childhood. I was the first child of four so I was raised to be an example. I was suppose to be the good one and not make any mistakes.

I’ve been angry lately and this is part of the reason. I wasn’t suppose to have an opinion or show emotion. I wasn’t encouraged to be myself.

It’s been an emotional day. I released a lot of emotion which I am grateful for but it’s so draining.

I took the day off today to be gentle with myself and love myself.

I’ve been writing in my journal off and on today about the times from my childhood that need forgiveness. I’ve cried. I’ve visualized using a baseball to hit a steel pole to get my anger out. I’ve also been laying in the chair and deep breathing to let go of all of the anger and other emotions I’ve been holding onto.

There’s more times I need to forgive than I remembered so this is going to take me longer than a day.

I’m going to end it here and lay in the chair cuddled in a blanket, watch tv and listen to the rain.

I’ll finish Day 2 when I’m ready. Not sure when that will be.

4 thoughts on “Day 2 Money”

  1. Hello Chrissy yes sometimes life can be difficult especially at work when one has to work under others who do not have either common sense or do not understand the people who work has to feel cared for, for the work place or the organisation to be successful. Yes they can say find another job, But then is it easy to find people who work also, as if they are not treated properly, they will have many who come and go, which does not help the work place to thrive. This is not an issue that can be solved easily!
    Best thing is to try and organize yourself, in what ever way, to manage yourself to feel ok. This is purely what I can think of: there are lot of things one can eat quickly without using the microwave or making there isn’t it. Like breakfast bars, or even make a instant soup, or eve make some sandwiches from home …. things like that?
    I have faced lot of difficult times too. But I have gone through counselling until I got over the past issues that were not pleasant. And also studied and read extensively. Have you read this article of mine? Each person has to find the path to recovery to move on, to live in Peace. Have you read this article of mine?
    What about a hobby or some activity that you like to do, to make yourself feeling you are doing something “You like and make, “The work place only to find the finances you need to pay the bills”? Who knows you might uncover “A Talent or A Gift that you were not aware and will be able to be Independent and do your own thing and let go of the job or do part time or even become very rich? I am serious. There are many this has happened!
    Well I have written what I know. Have Patience. I send you Healing Energies ❤ ❤ ❤


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