I’m Ready

I went to six different stores today to finish shopping for what I need for the possible state shutdown of Wisconsin.

One store had the Lysol wipes I was after. The local hardware store (go figure) had Lysol spray. I wasn’t out and I didnt hoard. I bought one spray and three wipes.

I had to go to the local meat market for hamburger.

Three and a half hours later I have what I need and I am ready for the possible shutdown.

I don’t ever think we had this much food in the house at one time but if we are on lock down I need it.

My husband is on the road and won’t be home until Thursday or Friday so I might be lock down by myself.

Tonight I am going to write a list of what I want to do during the shutdown. I’m hoping to get some things crossed my finishing the unfinished list.

I cleaned out the basement refrigerator and freezer this morning. Another thing off of the list. There wasn’t a lot in the fridge. A forgotten pizza and ham in the freezer. Butter and soda from my step daughter’s graduation. Two years ago. Yeah. We don’t use it a lot, but we will now. The freezer is full. I just need to put soda and water in it.

I guess we are just waiting for Governor Evers to get the National Guard in place and then the state will be lock down. That’s just what I heard today. That person could be wrong.

I dont know.

All I do know is that I’m planning to go to work and I’m planning not to go to work.

Whatever the case may be, I have food. And wipes, which I will be taking one canister to work.

My department is almost out and I dont know if the company has any more.

Better safe than sorry.

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