I Don’t Really Cook

This great idea to clean out a cupboard popped into my head when I was lying in bed two Saturday mornings ago.

Since I wasn’t felling the best and wanted to rest I thought I would clean out my cookbook cupboard as I sat in the chair and watched tv.

This is what my cupboard looks like. I dont know why I have so much stuff in there. I don’t really cook alot and when I do it’s something I’m good at making.

No. I don’t go outside of my comfort zone. No. I don’t like to try new things. No I’m not a good cook.

If I’m honest with myself I haven’t tried a lot to be a good cook. My husband and I dont like the same foods so it doesn’t make things easy. Did I mention I dont like trying new things?

So if I don’t cook alot then why do I have all of these cookbooks and cooking magazines and recipes (this is what the blue file is full of) you ask?

I don’t know. Probably because I wanted to cook more I just didn’t take the time. The time to do it. The time to learn. The time to push myself out of my comfort zone

Learning how to be a better cook is on my list of things to do for 2020. It’s not high on the list but it is on the list.

This is how I divided the items in the cabinet.

I’m getting rid of the items on the left and keeping the items on the right. The church is having a garage sale so the cookbooks and magazines are going there. The rest is going in the trash.

This what my cupboard looks like now.

What a difference!

I feel great! I have a starting point that I can build from. A starting point that is who I am right now. Instead of the past and who I thought I should be.

With this Corona virus going on I may end up trying some new recipes sooner than I thought. I actually went to the store last night and stocked up on things for the new recipes and I bought staple items for my pantry.

I know! Look at me.

I told my husband that if we go on lockdown we can learn how to cook together. He laughed. He doesnt cook very much either.

Maybe it won’t be so bad. I think the main reason why I’m afraid to try new recipes is that what if it doesnt turn out and or tastes like crap.

I guess I’ll give it a shot. I dont have anything to lose.

There is always pizza in the freezer.

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