Pray for the people have COVID-19.

Pray for the people that don’t know they have, but do.

Pray for the people who have it and are quarantined from their loved ones.

All week I’ve wondered what my word of the week would be.   There wasn’t a single word that rang true for me.  I wanted to have a positive word, but there really isn’t a lot of positive out there right now.  The word, pray, came to me early yesterday morning.

Pray for the people who have passed on or who are dying.

Pray for the loved ones of these people.

Pray for healing and a cure.

On Facebook there was this cartoon that shows the United States in a hospital bed wearing a mask.  There are five or six countries looking through a window at the U.S. Three countries are holding a sign that reads:  Get Well Soon.   Sad but true.  The U.S. is very sick right now.

Pray for our beautiful country:  The United States of America.

Pray for all of our people no matter what race, creed or color they are.

Pray for our health and well-being.

We need to listen or ourselves more.  In our busy lives we forget to listen to our bodies, our hearts and our intuition.  The way we live has drowned this out.  We need to slow down and breathe.   I believe this pandemic is a wake up call.

Pray for the elderly and others with compromised immune systems.

Pray for infants and toddlers.

Pray for everyone that cares for them.

My heart goes out to the Vegas Strip.  My second home.  Seeing the pictures of the Strip dark and empty breaks my heart.  Its lifeless.   I never thought I would see the day.  I”m sad.

Pray for the companies that had to close.

Pray for their employees.

Pray that they can find their back to a new normal.

What will the new normal be?  No one knows.  No one can guess.  It’s like a bad dream.  I wish I could wake up and life would be normal, but then I realize I am awake and this is life.  All we can do is take one day at a time and be thankful for what we have.

Pray for pharmacy workers, hospital and clinic workers, doctors and nurses, grocery store and retail workers.

Pray for the truckers who keep this country running.

Pray for pharmaceutical companies.

You know I’m not a political person.  I’m not into politics.  Never have been.  Today I’m suspending the few views I have.  I’m neither a democrat or republican.  I’m not for or against anyone.   Today I’m just a person who hopes the people in power make the correct choices for the good of the people.  All people.

Pray for President Trump.

Pray for all of the Mayors and Governors.

Pray for all people in goverment.

I’m not a very religious person either.  I’m more of a spiritual person, but I think I’ve prayed more in the last couple of weeks than I have in a long time.  I’m not going to lie.  I’m scared.  I’m scared that I or someone I love might get the virus.  I’m scared about my job.  I’m scared of where this country will be on the flip side of this virus.  I’m not freaking out.  I’m just scared.  I find that sharing this fear with God (my higher power) helps to lighten my load and I feel less scared.

Prayer helps.

I don’t have a drawing today.   I didn’t know what to draw.  I’m like Vegas.  Empty.

Please pray today.  The world needs you to.








4 thoughts on “Pray”

  1. I have been listening very closely to my body, because I can’t afford NOT to with my COPD. I have also been praying, in my own way, most especially for the people who are being absolute shits to us “essential” workers

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