Cleaning Out A Cabinet

Cleaning out all of my kitchen cabinets is on my Finishing The Unfinished list. In all of my purging last year I haven’t touched the kitchen. It’s weird and I dont know why.

During my accupuncture appointment on Friday I had a vision of what I wanted the cabinet to look like so I decided I would tackle it on Sunday.

So that is what I did yesterday. Here’s what it looked like.

What a mess.

I took everything out and washed it out with Lysol. After it dried I put a new piece of shelf liner in.

I had so much crap in there that I didn’t use. Blue garbage bags. We have to put our recyclables in a garbage can now so I no longer use the blue bags. I must have 20 Scotch Brite scrubbers. I kept 10. If I haven’t used it it went.

Here’s my collection for my church to use in their kitchen.

I can’t believe I had all of that extra stuff in there. Plus empty garbage bag boxes and lysol wipe containers. Used rubber gloves. I probably haven’t cleaned it out since we moved in.

Sad but true.

About six months ago I bought two kitchen helper shelves. They have been sitting next to the garage can in the corner so I’m glad I’m finally using them. I was sick of looking at them.

Here’s what my cabinet looks like now.

Wow! What a difference. I dont know why I put this stuff off, but I do.

I’m glad I took the time to do this this weekend.

What a great way to start the week!

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