This is my word for Week 5.

I had a lot to be grateful for this week.

1. My mom. She was released from the hospital on Saturday. Yeah. She also had her chest tube removed that day. I am grateful that she is home and getting better every day.

2. She is cancer free! The lymph nodes they removed didn’t show any signs of cancer and the cancer didn’t move anywhere so that is great news.

3. Las Vegas. We left for Vegas on Saturday. Don’t be mad. My mom said we could go. I will call her every day. I talked to her for an hour this morning.

4. My angry brother. My mom lives with him. He and I have been communicating a little. It’s been ok. Just grateful we are texting. Although I had to leave the my mom’s room while he came to visit…. Dont ask. Messed up situation.

5. Slot machines. I won almost $200.00 already.

6. Postive affirmations and prayer. I have been doing a lot of both of these lately.

7. I am grateful I have a lot to be grateful for.

I didn’t draw a picture this week. I was hoping I could find a sign or something to take a picture of, but no luck.

Crap. This is late. I forgot to hit publish days ago. Guess I was having to much fun!

Another thing to be grateful for!

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