Surgery Went Well

My mom’s surgery went well. She is still in the hospital because of seepage around her lung, but she is doing very well.

I thought I would get my word of the week from last week posted tonight, but I’m going to relax alone in my hotel room. I have my picture drawn and my post hand written. I just need to type it.

But not today.

It’s been a long two days. I took a shower and I just finished my load of laundry.

I’m grateful that she’s doing so well. The nurses think she will go home on Thursday with the chest tube in. She can’t wait.

We had a good day. My mom’s best friend came to see her and while my sister and i were eating lunch in the cafeteria we ran into one of sister’s good friends that absolutely adores my mom. We were all very surprised and happy to see him today.

I’ll spend the morning with my mom tomorrow and then I’ll go to work. After work, I will drive a half hour back to the hospital and sleep on the couch in her room. Hopefully I can take her home Thursday morning, but if I can’t, one of my siblings will take her home later on.

I’m going to bed now.

Sweet dreams.


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