My Sock and Panty Drawer

I’ve been avoiding my sock and panty drawer. I open it, get what I need and close it.


It’s a mess.

As you can see it’s not really organized. I have underwear that are yucky and need to be thrown away. Socks that don’t have a match or have holes in the toe or are old.

I don’t feel joy when I open the drawer.

So this past weekend I washed the new underwear and socks I bought. I threw away six panties and three pairs of socks. I didnt take a picture of the panties – you dont really want to see my panties. But I did take a picture of the socks.

The green/white socks I held onto because they were lucky. Both times when the mother of my step children took my husband to court for more money her motioned was denied. I held on to these socks for eight years, but since child support ended over two and a half years ago I think I can safely let them go. The other two pairs were old and stretched out.

A couple of weeks ago I gave three pairs of socks to my sister that I didnt like and a couple of panties I got for free but didn’t wear them to a group home.

I’ve been working on it slowly but surely.

This us what my drawer looks like now.

I feel joy when I open the drawer and I don’t have to dig to get what I need. I have socks and panties that I love! There isnt any little elastic threads hanging from my panties and i have socks that fit without any holes in! It makes me feel abundant and lucky.


There is one thong panty picture I’m going to share with you. There’s no way and I mean No Way I could fit into the thong anymore nor would I want to. I cant believe I ever wore it at all.

I met my husband at a bar called the Blue Phoenix. His best friend’s brother and his wife owned the bar. One night no one believed I was wearing a thong so I went in the bathroom and took it off to show them. Kevin, the owner, signed and hung my panties from the ceiling. From then on he called me Kitty Kat and my husband Kat Scratch Fever.

I’m keeping the panties because of the happy memories. We spent a lot of weekends in the bar (my husband bounced and played bartender) and we had a ton of fun. Great times.

Memories. Smiles. Laughter. Love

Another area in my house that I feel great about it is the basement. Two weekends ago I spent a couple of hours down there and organized it. It has been my dumping ground since before christmas and it was driving me crazy.

I took some stuff to the consignment shop and some stuff to the thrift store and cardboard to the dump.

I feel so much better going down there. It looks so much better. I even bought a little cabinet for next to the dryer to put stuff in.

Isnt it cute? I bought it at the consignment shop for $40. Now I have some place to put my dryer sheets.

One more thing I’ve been putting off is replacing the key fob I lost last april. I think I accidentally threw it away. Whoops! I didnt want to spend the money, but If I lost the fob I had I would be screwed. Plus I was sick of worrying about losing my fob.

So this past Tuesday I broke down and bought a new one. Now I have two. No more worries.

The basement was the only item I could partially cross off the unfinished listed and since it’s not completely done I can’t cross it off completely. I still have a couple of things I need to do. Oh well, it’s a start.

All in all I’m happy with my progress.

My mom’s surgery to remove the cancer in her lung is Monday at 2 pm. They are removing the bottom lobe of her right lung. I’m not too worried. She’s one strong lady. And stubborn.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have a great weekend!

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